Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse, May 20-21, 2012

The Cosmic Story:

Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse, May 20, 2012

Now is the Time -- Hafiz
Now is the time to know That all that you do is sacred.
Now, why not consider A lasting truce with yourself and God.
Now is the time to understand That all your ideas of right and wrong
Were just a child's training wheels To be laid aside
When you finally live With veracity And love.

My dear, please tell me, Why do you still Throw sticks at your heart And God?
What is it in that sweet voice inside That incites you to fear?
Now is the time for the world to know That every thought and action is sacred.
This is the time For you to compute the impossibility That there is anything But Grace.
Now is the season to know That everything you do Is sacred.
                                 (The Gift - versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky)

Total Annular Solar Eclipse    

            May 20th’s Gemini New Moon joins with the south lunar node, engendering the first annular eclipse in 18 years – an eclipse that appears to have a ‘ring of light’ around the Sun.  The eclipse starts in southern China, passes through Japan and ends in the western US.  In other parts of the world in daylight, the Moon will partially cover the Sun.  The eclipse starts on May 20th at 8:56pm UT (Universal Time) and ends on May 21st at 2:49am UT. For more information on the timing for your area, you can go to:  For the US, that means it starts at 1:56pm PDT/ 4:56pm EDT.  And it is total at 4:48pm PDT/ 7:48pm EDT.

Gemini New Moon

            So now that the technical information is out of the way, just what does the Gemini solar eclipse have in store for us?  A solar eclipse is a special new Moon, when the Sun and Moon and Earth line up on the same plane in space.  This line-up disrupts the ‘usual’ energy, dissolving old complexes/behavior patterns and allowing new archetypal energies to emerge from the unconscious (the light of the Sun/consciousness is blocked).  The south node of the Moon indicates where our comfort no longer serves us and points to what we have to release.   In Gemini, the energy that needs releasing is the way our culture has trained us to think about things.  As Hafiz says, “Now is the time to understand that all your ideas of right and wrong were just a child's training wheels, to be laid aside when you finally live with veracity and love.”  The US President just came out of the closet in support of gay marriage – a new perspective on partnerships that is sorely needed (Saturn in Libra is helping this along). 

With the new Moon on the south node in Gemini, our old perceptions, thought patterns and knowledge can dissipate , leaving us open to perceive, think and know in new ways.  These old habits of mind no longer reflect the new realities of life, and so they no longer serve life.  Despite any uncomfortable feelings, release these old concepts, and try to see the world with a compassionate heart. “Now is the time for the world to know that every thought and action is sacred.  I think we’re all ready for that, don’t you? So this new Moon, plant a new seed of tolerance and open-mindedness, of possibilities and mysteries still unknown.

            The sign of Gemini relates to the Mind, highly curious and hungry for knowledge, and how we use the Mind to think, gather knowledge and communicate.  The sign of the Twins, one mortal and one immortal, implies that there are many ways to understand life, from common sense to the most complex mathematics.  This eclipse can do away with the patriarchal misconception that only factual knowledge is ‘real’.  Be open to your own unique way of learning, see what you discover and when necessary, share it.

            Neptune in Pisces (squares) pushes at this eclipse, urging us to listen to our psychic abilities.  Neptune can confuse us with deceit and illusion, but it also opens up our imagination to the hidden realities of life.  This is a more right-brain, feminine way of knowing than our analytical, verbal, problem-solving patriarchal left-brain mode.  Real wisdom comes from an intuitive, feeling understanding of life.  This eclipse has the potential to change how we understand our world and each other.  So plant a new wish at this new moon eclipse to see the world through different eyes, touch the world with different hands, hear the world with different ears, smell and taste the world in truth so we know what the Earth needs too.

            Mars in Virgo opposes Neptune/Chiron in Pisces and squares this eclipse, giving us the determination to follow through on this change.  Just remember, don’t fall into the Virgo trap of having to be perfect; think rather in terms of being whole.  Mars’ gift in Virgo is to uncover what the real nature of our desires are, and then to infuse us with the energy to go after them.  That’s what this Mars retrograde in Virgo was all about.  We need to know ourselves, what we desire out of life, and how we want to live our lives.  Only then can we create a different future for ourselves and our world. 

            There is definitely a watery theme to this very airy eclipse.   It’s fascinating that this eclipse arcs over the Pacific Ocean more than any landmass, accentuating Neptune’s sway over the oceans and the collective unconscious.  And it’s interesting that filmmaker James Cameron descended to the deepest part of the ocean, called Challenger Deep, part of the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific Ocean, in late March for the first time since 1960, when it was explored by U.S. Navy Lt. Don Walsh and the late Swiss explorer Jacques Piccard. 

 As Marina at Darkstar Astrology mentions, this eclipse occurs on the fixed star Alcyone in the Pleiades.  This star cluster, called the Seven Sisters, is an ancient part of our collective psyche, known as a source of wisdom and origins in many mythologies.  The Pleiades are associated with the rainy season and fertility, and so we see the watery symbolism again.  The Cosmic Story tells us we need to be washed clean of our old perceptions and stuck beliefs. This baptism will renew our energies and allow us a more balanced understanding of life.  I had a dream in which I saw the Pleiades shining in the daytime sky – a sure sign of a cosmic renewal.

We’ll need new, refreshing insights as we move into this summer’s first Pluto/Uranus square, so the revolutionary energies can flow through us peacefully and artfully.  I believe we must join together and use our artistry to enchant people with the possibilities of how we can change the way western society operates, and more importantly, how to use our imaginations rather than fall into our fears.

            Mercury is said to be the ruler of Gemini. The divine messenger is the Mind, our ability to think rationally and imaginatively, factually and intuitively.  At this eclipse, Mercury joins Jupiter in Taurus, helping us communicate our new ideas in spiritually concrete ways.  Mercury, though, has to get through some hard aspects with Saturn in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, the hard-hitting transformational energies at play now.  Pluto and Uranus are coming up to the first of seven squares in June, demanding that we transform our sense of ourselves and our institutions.  Saturn asks us to be fair and balanced in how we deal with ourselves and others.  So Mercury is sitting there in Taurus, trying to get all the facts straight at the same time as it looks at the big picture (Jupiter).   Give you mind a break and slow down and smell the lilacs/roses.  The more sensual information you take in (Mercury in Taurus), the better you can build up the vision and understand what needs to be done.

Sabian Symbols for the Astrological Degrees

            The waters of life will help us. 

The Sabian symbol for this new Moon (both the Sun & Moon) at 1* Gemini invokes the waters: A glass-bottomed boat reveals undersea wonders: the revelation of unconscious energies and submerged psychic structures.  We can learn a lot when we go into our unconscious depths, because we’ve had to repress and suppress many of our innate instincts to fit into patriarchy.  Now is the time to go exploring into your own depths.  Dream work is especially helpful in discovering and re-integrating those submerged psychic structures.

            The Sabian symbol for Neptune at 4*Pisces is: Heavy car traffic on a narrow isthmus linking two seashore resorts.  We see the water theme played out again with the seashore.  Whenever anything is doubled in a dream, it usually indicates that it is becoming conscious – the duality of conscious and unconscious.   It is time to dynamically engage the unconscious and each other if we want to transition into another paradigm, another way of seeing the world.  There is a pathway for all of us, indicated by the ‘heavy traffic’! 

            The Sabian symbol for Chiron at 10*Pisces is: An aviator pursues his journey, flying through ground-obscuring clouds.  Clouds form from water.  Water symbolizes is our feelings as well as refreshment and healing.  This image symbolizes a healing of our minds (Chiron is the Wounded Healer).  The ability to let our thoughts fly, frees us from not only Earth’s gravity but from society’s expectations.  Up in the air, we see the whole, rather than the parts.  The ability to fly blind is important now, because this is about not getting caught up in the collective thought processes which produce feelings (the clouds) of fear and anxiety.  We have to stay true to our inner knowing and sense of direction.  We have to master ourselves and our fears.

            The Sabian symbol for Mars at 11*Virgo is:  A woman gives each of her children a loaf of bread and a spike of barley, and sends them out into the world.  With Mars at this degree, we are assured that we will be nurtured as we set off on this journey to a new vision of the world.   The collective unconscious, the World Soul, the Spirit of Mother Earth provides us with concrete tools that help us in the immediate situation (the loaf of bread) and in the future (spike of barley).  This Mars anchors in the new vision with the promise of future manifestation.

            The symbols for both Nodes, which create the possibility for this solar eclipse, carry forward the idea of letting go of old individualistic ways of seeing the possibilities of life and letting a new group consciousness in.

            The Sabian symbol for the south node at 6*Gemini is: Workmen drilling for oil.  This is a perfect symbol for the old paradigm of greed and ambition, especially in the face of climate change.  Power and wealth have been our societal goals, which no longer serve life.  We have to give up our need for this kind of power and knowledge, and learn to live wisely.

The Sabian symbol for the north node at 6*Sagittarius is:  A cricket match.  Society is based on the interplay of different groups and their needs.  Each of us works for a common goal amidst the constant back and forth of the game of life.  We have to develop not only our skills to play cricket, but also a sense of team solidarity.  Games teach us both group-consciousness and our responsibility to the whole.  Once we leave behind our collective sense of individual entitlement and self-interest, we can work together toward a common goal we can all feel passionate about. 

Venus Retrograde

On May 15th, Venus begins her retrograde that will take her back to cross the face of the Sun on June 5th -6th, the second of two transits in her present eight year cycle.  The first transit was in June, 2004. I saw it at sunrise on a beach in Rhode Island.  This second transit will be the last one until 2117.  I will be writing a separate article on this Venus transit so watch for it!

Venus is in a wonderful relationship with Saturn at this eclipse, connecting us to the ideals of true partnership, justice and balance.  Let the goddess enlighten your hearts this month as she prepares to shift from the Evening Star to the Morning Star.  This shift will bring a new energy to us, one that will strengthen our hearts for the work ahead.

For beautiful pictures of the 2004 transit:

Find a place to watch the eclipse and Venus transit and let the wonder of our Universe fill your hearts.


And to add to the mix, archeologists at the Guatemalan Maya site Xultun have discovered a more complete Mayan calendar that takes us beyond December 21, 2012.  Since the world was never going to end then, it confirms what we all know – that it’s up to us to change if we want to create a better society!  See:

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