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Texas ACE Program

    Childhood is a time like no other. It's a time for exploring...for creating.... for discovering about oneself....for meeting the world....for learning how to learn...for being accepted "just the way I am." It's a time for blossoming and being cherished and a time to just be a child. 

 Our after school staff is committed to the belief that all children are gifted. It is the role of the educators to build upon a child's current skills. 

Since children learn at their own pace, our staff will look to them to determine the next stage of development. This "child -guided" learning approach is the basis of our philosophy. Time and time again , research is showing us that  THE main component of a sound, quality education is leadership of a well-trained, sensitive adult. 

We commit to providing quality staff to teach your child. We respect parents as the most significant providers of their child's education. We are pleased to serve as your extended family members and co-partners in your child's education. 

Texas ACE Staff