Ms. Chassé Art 6th-12th Grades

We enter into our fourth year of full choice for most high school art classes and modified choice middle school classes. Our student-teacher ratio, smaller classes, and culture of learners allow for this differentiation and freedom. 

In this Choice-Based model, teacher becomes more of a facilitator and students rise to take charge of their learning, help others, and learn the qualities of citizenship and leadership. In this information age, no longer is the teacher the only source of information and instruction. Nor are they the only expert in the room or community. Internet sources, community members, library sources, peer experts, and experiential learning are all considered viable means of education. Of course extended sources are monitored, reviewed and approved by the certified subject area teacher. 

This new model is not for every student. There are some that prefer and perform best with more teacher guidance. In the WMHS art class model, students may choose a more structured project approach (selecting from a list of project types and following a teacher-directed process of designing, crafting, and completing). Choice does not have to be all or nothing. Structure and freedom of altering guidelines couple nicely together for the student ready to think outside the box. Problem solving and risk taking can be built into a prescribed lesson type just as well as a student-designed project type. Middle school students are in much larger classes and have more structured project experiences with encouragement to challenge the project guidelines and find their own solutions for project challenges.

Please feel free to contact Ms. Chassé at schasse@wiscassetschools.org with questions.


I was raised in Auburn, Maine, went to school out of state, lived in Washington D.C. and the Phili areas for eight years and returned to Maine in 2000. Although I enjoyed urban living, I found I was spending most of my time doing outdoorsy things in less-urban areas. I missed my family and was ready to return home. My sister, brother and I all went to art school. My mom, grandmother, and grand uncle are/were all painters. My Dad enjoys wood work, stained glass and crafts. Art has been woven into my life since early childhood. I have completed twenty-three years of teaching: I taught five years in Phili, three years at the Hyde School in Bath, eight years at Gardiner Area High School, and am entering my eighth year at Wiscasset Middle High. 

When I am not teaching and doing teacher things at home, I enjoy making art- exploring new media and making gifts for friends and family. I like to exhibit my art work in group shows and in summer mother-daughter shows. I have a professional site that shows my art and houses educational credentials: https://sites.google.com/site/arteducatorshalimarpoulin/. Besides making art, I like outdoor sport including: walking, swimming, hiking, biking, kayaking, sailing, x-country skiing and snow shoeing. I also enjoy motor sports: cruising on my Honda Rebel and busting the waves on our 1985 Bayliner. My husband Scott (also a teacher) and I also enjoy sailing on a boat that was once my uncle's. Family is very important to both Scott and me. We enjoy time with our parents, siblings and niece and nephews. Our immediate family includes two beautiful dogs- Skye and Ruby. 

A couple of interesting tid bits: I participated in triathlons for twenty years. I donated a kidney to my Dad who is doing very well. I am a cancer survivor, in my third year of recovery. I am considered cured and am very grateful to be nearly as good as new- with only eight months of recovery to go. 

My cell phone is 207-837-5158 (I do text). My facetime and skype name is arted4all. I generally check school e-mail at least once before leaving for the day (around 3:30/4:00): schasse@wiscassetschools.org.  

Welcome to ALL new and returning artsy people! May this year bring you satisfying creative endeavors, new skills gained, and plenty of fun in the art room.  

PARENT INFORMATION HERE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FgE3sk_Crg73D2P4V_0LWL51z3mHNPzBNp3LTWg-u6Y/edit?usp=sharing