The Operations and Process Laboratory, CBE424, familiarly known as Summer Lab, is a required Chemical Engineering course, unique because it is only offered during the summer and it consists of five weeks of full time work performing experimental work and writing reports based on the results. In this site you will find information related to the several summer lab sessions available. Of special interest, there is information about what you need to do in preparation for attending one of the overseas sessions.

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General information about summer lab

Students must plan ahead in order to complete the pre-requisites on time and to be able to take the course in the summer immediately before or after their last full semester of courses.

The course runs for eight hours a day, five days a week, for five weeks and it is considered a full time commitment. Participants are strongly discouraged to take any other work or study commitments for the duration of the course. Physical presence of the students in the laboratory is expected everyday during the open lab hours. Additional time must be typically devoted after the lab to analyze data and write reports. There are four sessions of the course offered on a typical summer: two in Madison, one in Oviedo, Spain, and one in Vienna Austria. Admission to any of the sessions must be approved by the summer sessions director prior to enrollment. The session dates vary slightly from year to year.

Overseas Sessions

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering has established agreements with the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering of the University of Oviedo, Spain, the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering of the Technical University of Vienna, Austria, and the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering of the Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. Admission to these sessions is limited.  An information meeting is usually held in mid October. Applications to these sessions are typically received in November or early December. The costs of these sessions are higher than those given in Madison, some scholarships generously funded by alumni and other benefactors are available to help with those costs. 

Madison sessions

Two sessions are offered in Madison each summer. All eligible students are guaranteed a space in one of these sessions. Preregistration is requested and placement in one session or another will be offered to each student based on his/her preference, available capacity in the preferred session, and special circumstances expressed by the student at the time of preregistration. 

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