TEI for Modernist Archives Publishing Project

Students collaborated with the Modernist Archives Publishing Project through a teaching partnership with Claire Battershill at the University of Reading. Students were created metadata according to the TEI-Lite schema for several pamphlets published by Leonard and Virginia Woolf's Hogarth Press that are available in the Internet Archive. They corrected the OCR for their target text, used Oxygen XML editor to apply the TEI-Lite guidelines to the text (as well as any TEI-All attributes they felt were essential), and then prepared a reflective piece on the process.

A sample of TEI produced by a student (Zoe Stachel) can be downloaded below in XML, and viewed here as HTML.

Students commented:

"Even with the “Lite” set of TEI elements there’s still an unbelievable amount of textual characteristics that can be marked up/described, and this is increased further when the options afforded by the variety of attributes and attribute values are taken into account. You start to get the nagging feeling that no matter how much you’ve already marked up, there’s always more to be done." (Andrew Wilk)

"At first, my plan was just to encode the different aspects of the text as I came across them. I quickly realized that I had far too many questions that needed further examination and rumination for this to be an efficient method . . . As I went through this, however, I made tagged comments in the text off to the side of questions that I had and other issues that I would need to deal with later on. Then, after doing the basic tagging I went through the comments, did the necessary research, and made decisions on them one by one." (Zoe Stachel)

"If there were a . . . “group” tag, it would allow us to indicate sections of the text that discuss things like cultural, ethnic, or religious groups . . . Even the section on the Septuagint translation had to go untagged, because I could find no comfortable or logical way to tag “rabbis” as a specific group. In this particular area, I would not consider TEI Lite to be sufficient for encoding this text. Also . . . I would have liked to address [other aspects] such as several places where E.M. Forster switches from relating histories or mythologies to discussing his own experiences, that I couldn’t find a way to make distinct within TEI Lite." (Elizabeth Nelson)

Bronwen Masemann,
Apr 16, 2015, 8:24 PM