Who, What, Where

The course "LIS640 Digital Humanities Project Toolkit," offered Spring 2015 at the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The course was developed and is taught by Bronwen Masemann

The course learning objectives are:
  • Broad knowledge of research trends, sources, institutional structures, processes and tools in the digital humanities field, including issues of diversity and barriers to access as they relate to DH
  • Ability to communicate effectively about DH with non-experts and experts, including use of correct terminology  
  • Knowledge of and experience in project management methods and tools used in DH
  • Experience in preparing a grant application for an innovative project according to NEH guidelines, incorporating ethical practice for access and intellectual property issues
  • Skills needed to access and preserve textual and other humanities data, create and manipulate metadata and use data and metadata in combination with digital tools for large-scale text analysis, mapping, visualization, exhibit creation, and other approaches

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