About myself

I am a Professor of Economics at University of Wisconsin - Madison. I was born and raised in Denmark.  After I received my Master's degree in Economics from University of Copenhagen, I moved to the  United State to pursue my PhD in Economics at Northwestern University. I have lived and worked in the United States since.

In my research, I am concerned with the identification and measurement of the determinants of aggregate labor market outcomes like labor productivity,  job creation, worker allocation, and wage determination. This typically involves the formulation of a micro foundation that is disciplined by labor micro panel data. A major recurring theme is the identification of agent type and state heterogeneity at the micro level and its aggregation into labor market outcomes. A significant part of my work has used the Danish micro panel data that follow Danish individuals  and firms over the past 30-40 years based on administrative records.  At the graduate level, I teach in the labor and macro sequences. At the undergraduate level I teach Intermediate Microeconomics and Labor Economics.

I am in the process of switching my website and a number of links are still missing. Please have patience or email me.