Room Scheduling

New Management of Calendars


The Math Department is moving its calendaring for room scheduling online.


In this new method, all 2nd floor staff have the capability to make an appointment for the different rooms that are available.  


There are certain rules to this:

  • Sharon prefers to be the main point of contact for most scheduling questions, since she knows the most about the rooms and has handled the rooms historically.

  • No appointments can conflict.  

  • Appointments can only be a maximum of 8 hours long.

  • Appointments can only be scheduled 3 years out.

  • Certain rooms (B115, B139, B239) are limited in hours, and thus cannot be scheduled outside of our specific times that we control those spaces.  Those hours are

    • B139: 3:30pm-10pm

    • B239: MWF 4:00pm-5:30pm (If Colloquium talk isn’t scheduled)

    • B115:  MWF 3:30pm-5:30pm

  • There’s no mechanism to restrict scheduling of those special hours available rooms to specific hours other than scheduling off hours as busy.  Sharon should handle any scheduling in these special restricted rooms.

  • 911 will only be scheduled to users in the Math Department unless the Chair makes an exception.


Benefits to online scheduling shortcuts

* 911:

* 903:

* 901:

* 307:

* B115:

* B139:

* B239: