Map Windows Drive

(Note, this was written with Windows 7.  Windows 8 and Windows 10 instructions may vary.)

First, you'll need to be able to connect with VPN.

How to download and install Global Protect:

How to connect using Global Protect:

Once you are connected, open your Start Menu, and choose Computer.



Next, choose Map Network Drive from your top bar, as shown.




CHoose a Drive Letter to use and enter the folder information.



I usually use drive Z: .


I usually type \\\username


I usually check reconnect at logon. ***


Click Finish.


You'll be prompted for your Math Department username and password.



If successful, you should now be able to reach the math department servers to store things on that mapped drive letter.


*** The reconnect at logon will only work if you are always connected via WiscVPN.  If you are away from the university, and NOT connected via WiscVPN, the connection will not work.