The Department runs many different listserves.  All of them are run off of the UW lists platform.  They fall into several broad categories....

1) Lists of Math Department people, for use in distributing to large groups within the Math Department
    There are two types of lists, manually maintained and HRS maintained.  
        *Manually Maintained lists mean that the IT staff must update these lists often.   Sometimes they are out             of date or using an incorrect email address. 
        *HRS maintained websites means that we ask for certain characteristics and we rely on DoIT to maintain             membership in the site.  We are moving toward using HRS maintained lists wherever possible.  
            HRS lists may report faulty information when school is not in session (such as summer).  These lists                 use your default UW address as the address to mail list content.  Your default email address can be                 changed, following these instructions.

2) Lists for Seminars, often set up to allow self subscribing and unsubscribing        
        This is often setup by the seminar leads, and is usually set up so anyone can join or leave with an simple         email.  It is best if a seminar organizer takes ownership for maintaining the list.

3) Lists for Committees, set up to reflect current persons on that committee
        These are often historical in nature.  These are often manually maintained and may not reflect the current         membership in that committee.  It is best if a member of the committee takes ownership for maintaining         the list.

4) Lists for contacting certain populations of UW students, useful for announcements.
        Often these are using the same interface as the HRS maintained lists.  This means we've asked for a                 population defined list of users we want to reach (i.e. all calculus students this semester) and DoIT has             returned a list that they add to the listserve.  Users cannot unsubscribe.  Most faculty are added as 
         non-receiving users so they can send items of interest to the list.  The faculty are subscribed with a        email, when their default email may be a email.  The best thing to do is  to                 change your default email to a account, following THESE instructions, or ask                     to add a guest account under a specific email address.

5) Lists for contacting outside populations for specific communications relating to outreach or specialty topics.          These are often lists that allow subscription and unsubscription automatically or with administrator                     approval. They are considered private and specific to just that population.  An example of this might be             the mathcircle announcement list.

6)  We have a code of conduct for communications.  It is viewable here:

Need to change how you use a math listserve?
Sometimes, you may be subscribed to a math listserve with one email (such as your email) but using your address ( as your default.  You have two options.

Sara Nagreen,
Sep 5, 2018, 8:16 AM