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mathematical programs and tools

Mathematical Programs & Tools 

Starts Macaulay2, a computer algebra system for algebraic geometry and commutative algebra. Note 'M' is capitalized.
Macaulay2 Manual
Starts Magma, a computer clgebra system for finite groups. Available only on computers magma0-magma18.
Magma Manual
Starts Maple, an interactive or programmable computer algebra system similar to Macsyma or Mathematica. There are two additional packages called coxeter and weyl which may be used to study root systems and finite Coxeter groups.
Maple Manual
matlab &
Starts Matlab, a matrix manipulation program.
Matlab Manual

Starts mathematica, a matrix manipulation program.
Mathematica Manual
Note that mathematica & will start from a linux GUI.  To start mathematica from a command line interface, you may need to type just

Linux and Latex Tools

Click here to look at some Linux LaTeX Utilities

Here's more on the research capabilities of our Linux Machines.