Administrative Resources


Our goal as the administrative team for the Department of Mathematics is to provide our faculty and students with the highest quality of service while pursuing their academic endeavors here at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

Admin Team Members

Elena Ungur- Department Manager
Mark Castillo - Grants and Contracts Specialist (Pre and post award administration)
Theresa Neisius - Payroll specialist advanced

Kathie Brohaugh - Graduate Coordinator
Michael Wang - Chair's Assistant
Henry Mayes - IT Help Desk

Sharon Paulson - Copy Center and purchasing
Veneta Boyanova -Senior Financial Specialist (Travel, E-reimbursement, Foundation accounts)


We are capable of many things but we cannot do the impossible. We simply ask that you help us to help you. If you need our help, please articulate your issue or problem. Give us all of the information pertinent to the problem. We are professionals who are well versed in keeping your confidence and we do not leak information. Next please allow us time to asses your options and present them to you. Work with us, we are fighting for you never against you. However, there are unfortunate circumstances in which we are limited by systems and or policies which dictate to us what can and cannot be done. Please understand we are always your advocate but ultimately you hold the responsibility for your actions and inaction.