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New accounts external to UW-Madison

Welcome to the Materials Science Center!

Company account setup

Information from an external account form must be ready in the Materials Science Center database before anyone in the company can use the Materials Science Center or attend a training session. An authorized person in the company must complete the form and and send it to Diana Rhoads, 1509 University Ave., Room 276, Madison, WI 53706.


The Materials Science Center prepares invoices on a monthly basis and distributes them after the first of the following month, to the address indicated on the account form. Payment of invoice is due within 30 days after receiving the invoice.

Individual user account

To set up a user account, visit: calendars.microscopy.wisc.edu/Local/Login.aspx. Notify Diana Rhoads after the account is set up.

Equipment training

If you need training on an instrument, please ask the staff member in charge of the equipment for training.   There is a fee for training, and you can find that information under "fees" on our site.

Login help

If you have trouble logging into your account, please ask Diana Rhoads (rhoads@engr.wisc.edu).

Password help

If you need your password, please ask Diana Rhoads (rhoads@engr.wisc.edu) to reset it.

UW-Madison campus map

A UW-Madison campus map is available at www.map.wisc.edu. The Materials Science Center is located in the Materials Science and Engineering Building, 1509 University Avenue, 1st floor, Madison, WI.


Parking is available at the lot 17 ramp located at 1525 Engineering Drive on the College of Engineering campus. Parking is $7.00 for a half day or $12 for a full day.