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New accounts at UW-Madison

Welcome to the Materials Science Center!

Account setup

To set up an account for using the laboratories and instruments, visit: calendars.microscopy.wisc.edu/Local/Login.aspx. Notify Diana Rhoads after your user account is set up and you've provided Diana the funding form.

Before you start

The principal investigator must set up funding (and the funding must appear in the MSC database) before anyone in the group can use the Materials Science Center.  This includes training for which there will be a charge.  Please refer to the fees section to see the rates charged.

The form must be completed by principal investigator of the funding and sent to Diana Rhoads, 1509 Univ. Ave. #276.


If you need training on an instrument, please ask the staff member in charge of the equipment for training.


Billing is submitted electronically on a monthly basis. A “test” bill is sent out after the first of each month, giving the principal investigator three days to review the billing charges and make any changes in the funding before the final billing is submitted.

Funding changes

Any requests to do funding changes after the billing has been submitted will have to be done by the principal investigator’s department staff as a non-salary transfer. The MSC can only change the current month’s billing and charges forward. The MSC will not be able to do retroactive changes, but you can ask your departmental accounting staff to do retroactive changes for you.

Funding expiration

Principal investigators will receive an e-mail about a month prior to an account expiring notifying them of the expiration date.

Extending accounts

If an account has an end date, but the funding will continue beyond that date, please send the new end date to Diana Rhoads (diana.rhoads@wisc.edu).

New funding

If a faculty member has new funding, a new form must be completed.

Login help

If you have trouble logging into your account, please ask Diana Rhoads (diana.rhoads@wisc.edu).

Password help

If you need your password, please ask Diana Rhoads (diana.rhoads@wisc.edu) to reset it.

How do I get after-hours access to MSC?

After hours access either requires level two training on the appropriate instrument or permission from the MSC staff member who is in charge of the equipment or lab you want to use after hours. Please contact Chris Kailhofer (room 201C MS&E Building, 262-8175) for the after hours pass.

For after hours access to the x-ray equipment in ERB, students should get the form from the ERB loading dock. Then have Donald Savage sign it and take the form to Mitch in the ERB loading dock to get a key.

How do I get keys for after-hours access to the MSC?

Please obtain a key form from the MSC staff member in charge of the room in the MS&E Building you need after hours access to. Fill in the form, sign it, and take it to Chris Kailhofer (201C MS&E Building, 262-8175).