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Science Center

The central MSC facility has provided materials researchers and industrial clients with electron microscopy imaging and analytical analysis, surface analysis and x-ray diffraction serves for over 25 years. MSC houses:

  • Three scanning electron microscopes
  • Three transmission electron microscopes
  • Two surface analysis instruments; an XPS and a Scanning Auger Microscope
  • Two atomic force microscopes
  • A dual-beam focused ion beam instrument
  • A confocal micro-Raman spectrometer
  • A micro-FT-IR
  • A Zeiss 510 Confocal Microscope
  • A small-angle x-ray diffractometer (SAXS)
  • Three additional Diffractometers
  • A ZYGO Optical Interferometer

Microscopy and Characterization Center

WMCC, a new center housed in the Materials Science Center, serves the campus with instrumentation and expertise for characterizing nanostructures in biological samples and other soft materials such as polymers. Our Tecnai T12 TEM is equipped for CryoTEM and materials anaylsis. Sample preparation equipment includes an FEI Vitrobot CEVS system and a new Leica cryo-ultramicrotome.

The MSC and WMCC are committed to continue to expand services to biological users as part of its mission as the UW-Madison’s largest imaging and characterization facility. In addition to biological specimen preparation and instruments such as the confocal micro-Raman, micro FT-IR, and Flourescent Scanning Confocal Laser Scan Microscope, we have recently acquired a new 300KV Tecnai GG30 TEM with  EM tomographic  and CryoTEM capabilities.

Soft Materials Laboratory

SML specializes in polymer synthesis and characterization of physical and mechanical properties of polymers and other materials. Visit The Soft Materials Lab website for more details.