URPL 912 Planning Workshop (Fall 2010)

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Fall, 2010), Resource page (Fall, 2010)



The specific planning project for the Fall 2010 Workshop involved developing components for the 2011-2016 Wisconsin Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (WiscSCORP - click on the image to the right to access the previous SCORP).  This represented a real-world, real-time, and policy relevant planning exercise that will have impacts on a wide array of statewide activities; not the least of which is the availability and use of outdoor recreation opportunities throughout the state for the foreseeable future.

Based on the current WiscSCORP scope of work, the instructors selected four sub-issues to be addressed in specific team projects.  While each team project provides stand-alone output for purposes of team evaluation, the four teams acted collaboratively to achieve a coherent and well-integrated set of reports that can be used in the formal WiscSCORP.  The formal WiscSCORP is a broader 18 month project initiated during the summer of 2010.  For Fall Semester 2010, the four specific team projects selected for the Planning Workshop included the following (click on a project for each team's page):

1. Goals and Objectives in Outdoor Recreation Planning

2. Outdoor Recreation, Health, and Wellness:  Understanding Key Relationships

3. Outdoor Recreation, Health, and Wellness:  Enhancing the Relationship through SCORP

4. The Evaluation of Urban Park and Greenway Open Spaces