Google Sites ePortfolio How To

Creating a Site

  1. To create a site, sign in with your netID at sign in at then click Create new site
  2. You will be able to choose a template, which will customize how your site will look. The UW-Madison google sites theme is available by default, as well as others in the Gallery.
  3. You will be asked to name your site. The name becomes part of the site URL.
  4. Under More Options, you can determine who may view your site. Your site can be visible to everybody at UW-Madison Google Apps, only people you specify, or everyone in the world.

Adding Content

To edit a page in your new google site, click on edit page in the Google Sites menu bar (top left corner). 


You can edit the text on your page by typing within the text boxes. Editing text in Google Sites is much like using any word processor, such as Pages or Microsoft Word. You can change the text formatting, including font, size, alignment and other attributes, by using the formatting bar at the top of the page. Additional options are available through the Format drop-down menu, which allows you to add headings to your text.
When finished, click Save.


There are two ways to add links to external sites, or other pages within your ePortfolio. First, select the text you want to become the link, and then click on Link in the formatting bar. You can also click Link under the Insert menu.


Use the Insert menu to add images to your ePortfolio. Clicking on Insert in the top menu bar, and then Image allows you to upload an image or to insert one from an external website. You can also upload images from Picasa using the instructions below.

Google Documents, Youtube Videos, Calendars and Picasa Photos

Use the Insert menu to add content that is stored within Google services, such as Google Documents, Youtube Videos, Google Calendars, Google Maps and photos within Picasa. Under Insert, select the type of content you want to add and then follow the relevant instructions.

Adding New Pages

  1. First, make sure that you are not currently editing a page. If you are, click on save to exit. To add a page, click on Create Page in the Google Sites menu bar (top left). The default template is web page, which you should choose unless you have a reason to select a different template.
  2. You will be asked to name the page. The name will become part of its unique URL.
  3. A new page can either be created as a top-level page, or as a subpage beneath an existing page. For example, if you had a page named Media Projects, you might want to create subpages under it for each type of project, i.e. video, audio, etc.
  4. When finished, click on Create Page.

Customizing your Google Sites ePortfolio

To change how a particular page looks, click on Edit Page and then on Layout from the menu bar. Layout allows you to change the content areas and sidebars of a particular page. If you want to change how your entire site looks, you can change your theme or template at any time using the More Options menu in the Google Sites menu bar (top left).


For more detailed information on creating, managing and customizing your Google Site, refer to Google Sites Help.