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October '17 Flash Talk Recap

posted Nov 3, 2017, 2:47 PM by Lane Sunwall

The October Flash Talks were held October 6th in College Library and focused on new Canvas information found at InstructureCon 2017.

Below is a sample of what was discussed.

Grades Are Not Enough: Using Outcomes in Canvas to Target Student Learning

Erica Hagen via Gerol Petruzella and Erin Milne (both of Mass. College of Liberal Arts)

Erica Hagen spoke briefly about her InstructureCon experience. The most valuable session she attended was on Outcomes in Canvas: Grades Are Not Enough: Using Outcomes in Canvas to Target Student Learning.  The InstructureCon presenters discussed how and why they use Outcomes to better student learning in their respective courses. This included building a successful student learning outcome in the first place and using the Learning Mastery Gradebook.  

Their demonstration is available via this link (starts at 31:40):

New Updates in Quizzes and Gradebook,

Antonella Caloro via an InstructureCon 2017 presentation from Jason Sparks

Quizzes LTI will replace

Quizzes LTI is a new assessment engine built to improve Canvas’ current quizzing functionality, known as ‘Quizzes Classic’. Instructure representatives state that Quizzes LTI will include a series of feature enhancements, new quiz-item types, and bring workflow improvements to Canvas quizzes. Quizzes LTI beta is currently being evaluated at UW-Madison. It will eventually supplant the current quizzing engine, Quizzes Classic, which will be retired one year following the public launch of Quizzes LTI.

Canvas Gradebook changes

Antonella Caloro and Dale Johnson via an InstructureCon 2017 presentation from Kristin Wruck

There are also some noteworthy changes coming down the pike for the Canvas Gradebook. Instructure has outlined three implementation phases; we are currently in what is called phase 0.5.  Instructure intends to include new filtering and sorting options, drag & drop, columns totals, cross-hairs, and highlighting.

Additional Information

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