About ComETS

The Community of Educational Technology Support works to improve teaching and learning on campus through networking, collaboration, sharing expertise and resources, leadership and engagement.

What is ComETS?

ComETS includes staff who provide consultations and training, design instructional projects, work at new media centers and multimedia production facilities, and are involved with teaching and learning with technology in ANY way – from consultations to end-user support.

ComETS Cornerstones

  • Emerging Trends (identifying, understanding, analyzing and sharing)
  • Professional Development (across the ComETS community of practice)
  • Advocacy, Leadership and Engagement (promoting, supporting, encouraging, sharing, and suggesting)
  • Networking and Collaboration (sharing, partnering, problem-solving, learning from each other)


Starting in the Fall 2015, ComETS began hosting regular meetings on a teaching, learning, and technology topic. The goal for the meetings is to allow members to gather, network, and share expertise while examining an emerging topic in in the ed tech field. Please view the events calendar on the home page for meeting times and locations. Meeting topics, agendas, and planning support for the ComETS meetings are managed by the ComETS Events & Networking Team. 

If you are interested in making professional connections, developing leadership skills, and serving your colleagues, we encourage you to consider joining the Events and Networking Team. While the team meets only four times per year, members have a great impact on the range of opportunities available for ComETS to learn together. Learn more and inquire about joining the Events and Networking Team

Email Listserv

ComETS maintains an active email listserv for members to ask questions, share resources, and announce events. For more information on ComETS, or to join, please e-mail: ComETS@mailplus.wisc.edu. View the listserv ground rules. 

Representation & Advocacy

ComETS represents the interests of education technology support staff through participation on campus governance and advisory committees. 


ComETS is an advisory member of the The University of Wisconsin Information Technology Committee (ITC). ITC is the shared governance advisory body, composed of faculty, academic staff, and students, for information technology policy and planning throughout the University.
More about ITC.

Steering Committee