Library Services at the Center for Limnology are provided at both facilities (Hasler Lab in Madison and Trout Lake Station in Boulder Junction).  The librarian may be contacted via email at  Library website at

Hasler Laboratory Library

The library is open during building hours (7:30-4:30), but is only staffed certain hours of each day.  Email for specific hours.
*While materials may not leave the Hasler Lab building, they should be checked out (to yourself) using the ALMA circulation procedures on the desk next to the librarian's desk."

The library is open to all UW students, faculty and staff, but only Center for Limnology affiliates may borrow materials.  MATERIALS MAY NOT LEAVE THE BUILDING.

When returning items please drop them off in the wire basket on the librarian's desk.

Trout Lake Station Library
The library is open during station hours (8:00-5:00). The Trout Lake Library does not have any on-site library staff. Email for assistance.

Materials may not leave the station but may be taken to the cabins if you are staying on station.  Materials should be signed out on the yellow pad in the library and returned to the shelves when finished.

General Information About the Collection


·        Mostly covering limnology, freshwater ecology, aquatic zoology, etc, plus titles on statistics, GIS, and modeling. Search for these in the UW-Madison Catalog at  

·        Please note that that this time these are these are the only resources within the library that can be searched via the UW Catalog

Print Journals

·        Bound back issues of about 50 titles, including extensive runs of the Journal of Great Lakes Research, SIL Proceedings, and Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, are shelved by title. Current issues of popular titles are on display in the first floor break room at the Hasler Lab and on the shelf of the Trout Lake library. Please note, our journals are NOT currently listed in the UW library catalog.  

·        The library's current journals are donations, and availability is based on when those items are donated. 

·        Currently, the library receives the following titles for the Hasler collection: Copiea, Ecology & Evolution, Fisheries, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, LakeLine, Letters & Science                        Magazine, Nature, Science, Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, Trends in Ecology and Evolution, Wisconsin Natural Resources.  


·        Master's and Ph.D. theses from most UW limnology graduates since about 1970, plus a few from visiting scholars and other CFL friends, are shelved by last name.

·        Copies of thesis that pertain to research conducted at or out of Trout Lake are also housed at Trout Lake.

·        Please note that the thesis housed at Hasler Lab are listed in the UW catalog, but theses housed at TLS are not.

Government (and other) Documents 

·        Many documents of all sorts, including pubs from the Canadian Fisheries and Marines Service, Great Lakes Fishery Commisson, NOAA, and WI DNR.

·        These items are currently organized by geographic region, followed by organization (ex: United States. Wisconsin. Department of Natural Resources)

·        Currently, these items are not searchable in the UW Catalog, however, where appropriate, some of these items are currently being moved into the book collection which will allow the item to be searchable in the UW Catalog.  

·        Please see a librarian for assistance in navigating this vast sea of documents.

Article Reprints

·        The library currently collects articles authored by CFL staff and affiliates, and we also curate a huge number of articles collected by CFL faculty members over the course of their careers

·        Print versions are stored in the massive file cabinets along the west wall and a PDFs (of mainly newer articles) are available in our digital collection.

·        PDFs are only accessible from computers at the Hasler Lab and Trout Lake

·        If you need access them from home, please contact a librarian.


Small collection comprised of an assortment of Wisconsin road maps, county maps, topographical maps, and lake maps, as well as a variety of water atlases.  These items are housed behind the librarian desk.

If you're teaching a course, please plan in advance to have textbooks and other materials placed on reserve in the limnology library. Email the title/author and course number to

If you'd like to your students to have off-site access to the digital reprint library, please contact us to set it up.

Collection of Publications Related to the CFL
CFL affiliated researchers are encouraged to send copies of your recent publications to the library for addition to our reprint collection.  Contact the librarian for details

For comments or suggestions regarding this page, contact Limnology Library.