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Updated 12/21/16

This page was created in February 2012 by the CFL Outreach Committee to inform CFL citizens ("inreach") of what we're up to ("outreach"). Our charge is to maintain a list of information sources (internal and external people, agencies) to assist with answering inquiries that the Center receives from the public; create/maintain displays in the hallways of the Hasler Lab and Trout Lake Station; and plan and facilitate outreach events.

The Outreach Committee's goals for 2016-2017 are to:

1) finalize outreach kits (watershed, invasives, lake stratification)
2) grow the CFL digital media audience
3) provide outreach/communication training opportunities for students

We welcome your feedback, so please contact our Media and Outreach Coordinator Adam Hinterthuer if you have any suggestions or comments about our outreach activities.

For comments or suggestions regarding this page, contact Marilyn Larsen.