Student Hourly Employees


Recruitment Process
  • Develop a position description for the job opportunity.  Please see the example attached here for an outline.
  • Student hourly employee eligibility requirements (according to UW-Madison's L&S Handbook.)
Hourly Rates
  • Current hourly rates for student employees with the CFL (as of summer 2017) are:
    • No experience = $10.50/hr
    • Some experience = $10.75/hr
    • Experienced = $11.00/hr
    • Other = Varied hourly rate (May need to provide justification--see below.)
      • The current maximum student hourly rate through L&S is $13.25/hr without prior approval.  "Requests more than $13.25/hr will only be considered only if the student worker will be performing advanced level work that requires specialized knowledge, skills and abilities.  However, if the work is at the level required for a graduate student, then a student hourly appointment is not appropriate." - L&S Handbook
      • If you are in need of a higher compensation rate for your student hourly candidate, please see Marilyn Larsen to assist in submitting a request to L&S.
Posting a Job
  • Need to post a job vacancy?  Please refer to the UW Student Jobcenter, a website dedicated to providing a go-to place for UW departments (and Non-UW employers) to post job vacancies.  (You will need to develop a username and password in order to post a job announcement through the Employer section.)  Other places to post your job posting would include email distribution lists, posting it on the CFL's website, and providing announcements in classes.
Candidate Selected

The following forms for student hourlies will need to be completed upon hire:

Award recipients (REU, Juday, Lane, etc.) will only need the following forms:

Please return all forms to Marilyn Larsen in room 202.

Policies and Procedures
Hiring Authorization Form.rtf
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