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How to report monthly leave
At the beginning of each month, each academic staff employee will receive a form called a Monthly Leave Report (generally on yellow copy paper).  It is the employee's responsibility to record his/her leave hours for every given month.  Please keep in mind that part-time employees (those under 100% employment) are eligible to put in fractions of time:

Instructions for Reporting Leave Time:

1. If no leave time used, enter 0 in each of the Total Hours Rows.
2. See chart below for reporting requirements:

Percentage of Appointment            Time Used                What to Record
Part-Time                                   Any Amount              Record Actual Hours Gone
Full-Time                                    Less than 2 Hours      0 Hours
Full-Time                                    2 - 6 Hours               4 Hours
Full-Time                                    More than 6 Hours     8 Hours

3. Sign, date and return to approving authority (the Payroll & Benefits Specialist - Rm 201 by the 10th of every month).

As a full-time employee, you are held responsible for keeping track of your used hours.  If you know that you took less than 2 hours time off once before in a month, please be diligent in marking that if you happened to leave another less than 2 hours time (to write in 4 hours on the second time gone).

Lost Your Leave Report?

If you misplaced your monthly leave report, please fill out a blank copy.

Note:  If you use the blank leave report, please fill out all fields COMPLETELY!  This includes labeling each date in the first column and writing in the column headers: Vacation, Sick Leave, ARLA, Legal Holiday (remember to write in your legal holidays in as well!). 

Regent policy: A leave report must be submitted each month, regardless of whether any leave was taken. Failure to submit leave reports on a timely basis will result in a reduction to your sick leave accrual.  Regent policy requires that you provide medical certification for sick leave used for more than five consecutive full work days, except when the use of sick leave is authorized in advance.  

Regent policy/state law:  Sick leave must be reported for absences during a designated 40-hour week.  If no week is designated, it defaults to the standard state work week.  It is important to note this “standard work week” exists only for the purpose of reporting sick leave. Please see here for more detailed information.