Copiers and Printers

Copiers and printers are available for business purposes at both the Hasler Lab and Trout Lake Station. Individual accounts or fund numbers are not required.

Copying and printing for personal or school use is strongly discouraged. A few pages needed for an urgent personal transaction may be done, but school papers, readings, etc. are not to be printed or copied using CFL equipment and supplies. 

Students: Sometimes the lines between work and student are fuzzy. However, the CFL copiers and printers should not be used for your class materials or term papers. Graduate Students: your appointment as a research assistant IS separate from your status as a student. Use your best judgment, but excessive copying/printing class materials may be questioned.

For service problems OR ink cartridge requests at Hasler Lab, see Kelly O'Ferrell or Carol Jenkins-Espinosa.  They will follow instructions below for each printer. 
For service problems OR ink cartridge requests at Trout Lake Station, see Pam Fashingbauer.

  1. Black and white copier/printer/color scanner (leased from Ricoh) in supply room (Ricoh MP 4054 on CFL-Beta)
    1. Call Ricoh's automated and voice activated line for service requests at 1-800-432-9787. The serial# is 13632639; the model # is MP4054. The Ricoh system knows the location of the machine and will prompt for contact info and will then alert a technician.
  2. Color and black and white Printer in Library is newest printer; M651 HP Color LaserJet):
    1. For repairs: first submit a ticket to CFL IT support staff.  If they are not able to fix the problem, call Global Printer Services at 608-838-5070 (they are based in MacFarland -  DoIT no longer works on printers.
    2. For toner: DoIT Tech Store.
      1. Black High Capacity: C68054 @ $244.95
      2. Cyan: C68055 @ $339.95 
      3. Yellow: C68056 @ $339.95
      4. Magenta: C68057 @ $339.95 
  3. Color and black and white older printer in break room (4700 HP LaserJet):
    1. Let Kelly or Carol know if there are issues with the printer.  They will first send a ticket to CFL IT support staff. If they are not able to fix the problem, we will discuss with Marilyn Larsen and Steve Carpenter the feasibility of spending money to have this older printer repaired
      1. Black: C43187 @ $194.95 
  4. Black and white printer in Carol/Alyssa's office (4100tn HP LaserJet):
    1. Toner and repair info same as #2 M651

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