101 Lab

The Four Policies of the Hasler Lab 101 Laboratory


1) Leave the lab cleaner and neater than it was when you arrived. This includes not just your own area – do your part to help keep it clean! Put away supplies when not in use. Replace common supplies if necessary (Extra paper towels are down in Dave’s office)


2) Label all your equipment, space, and experiments in progress

We try to avoid “the tragedy of the commons.” Unlabeled equipment will be thrown out or become common use. Labeling is quick and hassle-free, just use a piece of colored lab tape.

There is no excuse not to label! 


3) Follow safety guidelines

Use all personal protective equipment necessary for your task
Be cognizant that other people may be at risk due to your activity, and take the appropriate precautions. If you think we need more safety gear or protocols, say something!


4) If you do not know what to do, ask!

Who to ask about different problems, in order:

Equipment to do your job: Your group leader
Microscopes or light sources: Mike Spear 
Dispose of anything: the “Lab Safety Guide” on top of the refrigerator
Major equipment failure: Dave Harring (
dpharring@wisc.edu), Liz
Supply storage empty: Dave 
History of 101: Jim Kitchell, Dave, Ted Bier (
Anything LTER related: Ted 
A problem not on the list: Dave, Liz
A safety issue: Dave, Liz


Please let Liz Runde know if you hire a new person or if you are a new user!

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