Blend@UW Summer is an intensive, week-long course that helps instructors design a blended unit (1-3 weeks of instruction). The program supports Educational Innovation by helping faculty develop blended courses that foster deeper, more active learning for students. This approach also reduces face-to-face classroom sessions and replaces them with technology-based, online activities. 

Program dates (please choose one of the options below):

  • Monday, June 8 - Friday, June 12, 8:30 am - 12:00 pm
Program locations:
  • 302 Middleton Building, 1305 Linden Drive
Application deadline: April 10, 2015 at 5:00 pm.

Participants of Blend@UW Summer will:
  • Work with peers and facilitators to develop a course map that includes activities, delivery format, technology to be leveraged, and assessment models;
  • Spend about 30 hours in and out of class completing course assignments; and 
  • Receive a $500 stipend* upon successful completion of course activities.

NOTE: The stipend is an internal transfer of funds from DoIT to the participant's department and is not paid out directly to the participant. It is intended for professional development or the collection of materials and resources necessary for implementing their blended learning course design plan. Participants should check with their department’s financial specialist for further information about how these funds can be spent.

NOTE:  Participants will be introduced to technologies that can help them reach their course goals and implement their course map. While they will receive information on support resources for technologies, this program will not provide technical training