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About me and this 
Teaching and Learning Portfolio

Microbes fascinate me and make the world an amazing place. The intricacies of how biology impacts every aspect of our lives intrigue me and I would like to share this excitement with anyone curious enough to listen. 

I earned my master’s degree in aquatic bacteriology from the University of Wisconsin Madison as well as bachelor’s degrees in biology, spanish and chemistry from Luther College. Having served as a teaching assistant and tutor throughout the years I spent pursuing these degrees, I discovered that I enjoyed teaching and decided to pursue this as an additional skill set.

My goal is to become an instructor of active-learning biology education for diverse audiences—from local to international communities in both formal and informal settings. I also want to create great teaching tools that easily convey microbial concepts in unique ways. This e-portfolio is a collection of artifacts and reflections from my teaching experiences that illustrate my philosophy as an instructor: how I provide opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds to understand, achieve and explore learning in science (read this first).

The artifacts and reflections included throughout this site are materials from meaningful teaching and learning projects I led as a university teaching assistant, a tutor, an outreach specialist, a formal and informal undergraduate mentor, and an international instructor. As I continue teaching, purposeful reflection and rigorous evaluation of my activities will improve my ability to teach and measure learning in meaningful, long-lasting ways.

Within this e-portfolio, the artifacts or examples of my teaching fall into four main categories: 1) Formal Undergraduate Teaching, 2) International Instruction, 3) Informal Outreach, and 4) My Delta Teaching-As-Research Internship (TAR) project. Explore the teaching example pages in this site in any order, and make sure to view the top *starred* artifact in each section. An itinerary of my Delta course participation, the CIRTL learning requirement fulfillment chart, and my Teaching CV are included as attachments under the Teaching Philosophy page.