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Winthrop Middle School is a 6-8 school and part of the Winthrop Public Schools District. The Town of Winthrop is a small town surrounded by many lakes and taken care of by an involved and supportive community. Please contact our school for information and for any questions. Our principal is Karen Criss. Our School Counselor is Lauren McHatten. Our Athletic Director is Joel Stoneton. Our Administrative Assistant is Liz Warner.

on August 30th!

Good Luck! 8th Grade

Memorial Day Parade

Wellness Day 2017

Photo of the Day (06-16-17)


Winthrop District Art Show 2017

5/17 Band Concert

DAR Winners

Spelling Bee Participants and Winners

Sarah Adam & Aidan Mitchell Spelling Bee Winners

WMS First Annual Cake Walk

Christmas Concert 2016

Cooper Fox from 92 Moose talked to the 6th grade Discover 101 class about how the radio station promotes community involvement. After bringing attention to several non-profit needs, we discovered Baby Kinglsey, a young baby who has many medical problems at Maine Medical in Portland. Unfortunately his mother, who lives in Lewiston, has had a difficult time affording transportation to visit her child. 92 Moose posted a GoFundMe campaign with little contributed so far. All hands were raised in favor a making this our class project and doing a school wide bottle drive. If you have bottles during this pre-holiday season, please bring them to the box in front of the middle school.

STEM Challenge

Every month, Ms. Simmons' students are given a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Challenge where they are made to think critically, build, and think outside the box. Thursday the 17th challenge was to see who could make the most accurate marshmallow launcher. Students were given 20 minutes and various materials to build their launcher. Their constraints were to use ALL materials and to make their launcher have the most marshmallows in the hula-hoop with their 5 trials. All tries, even failed attempts, are celebrated with applause. Our winners had 3/5 marshmallows in the hula-hoop. Great job all around!


Election Day!

Chase Keezer came in 8th place in the Capitol Area League Championship Cross Country race

2016 Girls Soccer Team
with new teammate Gertie

2016 Girls Field Hockey Team

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