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6th Mathematics & Reading
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eText: Our class uses an online text book called Pearson Realize. Each student has their own username and password. Students should have these written on the inside cover of their planners incase they need them at home. Almost any device that connects to the internet, will allow you access to the work. PLEASE let me know if you are having difficulty viewing and completing assignments online. Paper copies are always optional, and almost always available.

Super Standards: There are certain topics throughout the course of this year that your child needs a 75% or better on the chapter test to have met the standard. If students do not get a 75% or better on these tests, they will have to plan to make them up, after practicing and seeking additional help, but before the 1st of June. Make-ups will include working with me going over material again, some practice work, and the make up session is either during tutorial or after school. We will have visuals in the classroom that students can use to be tracking their progress. 
See grade page for specific tests that are Super Standards.

Homework: Students will have homework most nights, and on Fridays, occasionally. Most Friday homework is to complete work from class on Friday. Homework is usually no more than 15 questions. If students are struggling please don't let them stay up late or work on it for hours. Email or call, and they can stay after and we can work together. Homework will be 25% of student's grade.

Tests: Students will have tests roughly every ten days. Chapters in Pearson Realize are short and broken down into small chunks. Tests will be a variation on online tests and paper copy test. Tests are 40% of student's overall grade. The Super Standard tests should have an grade of a 1, 2, 3, or 4 in addition to the percent and letter.

Additional Practices/Intervention Lessons: Students have 5 to 6 sets of Intervention Lessons. Students complete a 30 question assignment, usually completed in class, and according to their answers the program assigns these Additional Practices. They are skills students should have previously learned. For each assigned, students need to watch Part 1, 2, and 3 videos and complete the 10-question Practice. If students are struggling they are more than welcome to work with me. Students get some time to work on these in class, but most will be done outside of class. Because of this, students usually receive 10-14 days to complete the assignment. The due date that Pearson gives is not accurate.  I average the Practice grades, not Part 1, 2, and 3, for one grade for the grade book. This grade will count TWICE.

Class Participation: Occasionally students will earn a class participation grade. This could be for some homework assignments; this could be a group activity; during testing; or something where participation is the emphasis over a correct answer. This is 10% of overall grade.

Homework and Class Work will each be 25% of overall grade, Class Participation will be 10% and Tests will be counted 40% of overall grade.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call or email. 

As a side note....I found a GREAT resource that would be helpful for the next couple years. I will have one copy in the classroom, but you are more than welcome to purchase one for yourself to use as a resource:
Everything You Need to Ace Math in One Big Fat Notebook
(I found it at Target, but Amazon had it also)
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