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9/12: Zeroes have been added for missing work. Work needs to be turned in as soon as possible.

Welcome to Ms. Navedo's English Language Arts Classroom/ Homework Site. I apologize for forgetting to include the school supply list to my connections/ homeroom students. I also apologize for not knowing they were Sixth graders! I just received the login to my teacher PowerSchool on Monday 8/20. This would have helped me to realize I have a sixth-grade connection. I had also written my school e-mail wrong! It is mnavedo@winthropschools.org. I had initially written mnavedo@winthroppublicschools.org. I have updated the letter and attached it below.

Parent Letter

Here is a copy of the 6th grade school supplies list for my 6th Grade Connections:

6th Grade Supplies list

Here is a copy of the 7th grade school supplies list:

School Supplies for the 7th Grade

Attached below is my welcome to 7th grade newsletter which states my policies for my classroom.