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8th Grade Reading

8th Grade Reading Class.

Trimester 2:

Unless a student does not finish an assignment in class there will be no homework for this class.

Week of November 27:
We began reading The Sign of the Beaver. Chapter 1 and 2 and then 3-5 read and answered questions. 

Week of December 4:
Monday: Quiz on Chapters 1-5
Wed - Friday Complete chapters 3-5 and Newsela 

Week of December 11:
Chapters 6-10 SOTB

Week of December18:

Week of January 1:
SOTB chapters 11-14 

Week of January 8:
Started the Test for mid book of Sign of the Beaver 

Week of January 15:
Finish the test for SOTB 

Week of January 22:
Chapters 15-17 in SOTB will be due Thursday at the beginning of class. 

Week of January 29:
Chapters 18-20 are due on Friday. 
Newsela on Friday 

Weeks of February 5 and 12:
Finish all work own Sign of the Beaver. Watch the movie and contrast how the two are different. This will count as a test. 

Weeks of February 26 through March 16:
Students are asked to read a novel independently. When fished write a one page essay. A handout was given with specific details on the essay. Students who read and write on one book will receive a C for a final test grade. Two books completed will result in a B test grade and three completed books will earn the student an A as a final test grade for the trimester. 

Trimester 1:

Unless a student does not finish an assignment in class there will be no homework for this class. 

Week of September 4:
Monday - Holiday
Tuesday - Review Chapters 1 and 2 in Max the Mighty (MTM) we read last week. Finish up the questions 
Wednesday - Read chapters 3 and 4 in MTM and answer the questions for Thursday
Thursday - Newsela - on-line non fiction reading assignment 
Friday - PE 

Week of September 11:
Monday - Picture book with writing assignemnt 
Tuesday - Chapters 5 and 6 in MTM
Wednesday - Chapter 7 in MTM 
Thursday - Newsela 
Friday - PE
Week of September 18:
Monday - Chapters 8 and 9 in MTM
Tuesday - Chapters 10, 11 and 12 in MTM
Wednesday - Finished up MTM 
Thursday - Mrs. McEwan does an MEA prep 
Friday - PE
Week of September 25:
Monday - Chapters 8-12 in MTM
Tuesday - Chapters 12 - 16 in MTN
Wednesday - Work Day 
Thursday - Newsela
Friday - PE
Week of October 2:
Monday -  Picture Book with essay 
Tuesday - Quiz on Chapter 17 MTM
Wednesday - Chapters 18-21 due Friday 
Thursday - Independent Work
Friday - PE
Week of October 9:
Monday - Holiday - No School
Tuesday -  Read Chapter 21 aloud. Chapters 22-24 Due end of class Tuesday. 
Wednesday -  Independent work 
Thursday - Review for Quiz next week 
Friday - PE
Week of October 16:
Monday - Read Aloud and short writing 
Tuesday - Chapter 25-30 in MTM    
Wednesday - Independent work 
Thursday - Review for test on MONDAY 
Friday - PE
Week of October 23:
Monday - TEST Max the Mighty 
Tuesday - Start Project for MTM