7th Grade Reading

7th Grade Reading Class

This class will meet four days a week for an hour. Students who attend, come prepared, read and complete work during the class time will have no homework. Most students are capable of this. There are three proficiency standards that are linked to the class:

7.2 - Determine and analyze two or more central themes,

7.6 - Determine author's point of view or purpose, and

7.8 - Trace and evaluate the argument and specific claims in a text.

In order for your student to "pass" the class they will need to average a grade of 65 or better and score a 3 or 4 linked to each standard. All grades and rubric scores can be seen on the Powergrade link you will/have received from the school.

Trimester 1

Week of September 3:

Read chapters 1-3 in Wonder and answered questions

Wrote a paragraph on when you were petrified

Week of September 10:

Read chapters 4-9 in Wonder due Wednesday

Read NEWSELA article and take the quiz - due Thursday

Week of September 17:

Week of September 24:

Week of October 1:

Week of October 8:

Week of October 15:

Week of October 22:

Week of October 29:

Week of November 5:

Week of November 11:

Trimester 2

Week of November 26:

Week of December 3:

Week of December 10:

Week of December 17:

Week of December 31:

Week of January 7:

Week of January 14:

Week of January 21:

Week of January 28:

Week of February 4:

Week of February 11:

Week of February 25:

Week of March 4:

Week of March 11:

Trimester 3

Week of March 18:

Week of March 25:

Week of April 1:

Week of April 8:

Week of April 22:

Week of April 29:

Week of May 6:

Week of May 13:

Week of May 20:

Week of May 27:

Week of June 3:

Week of June 10: