Welcome to Discover 101 

 This is one of the Unified Arts Classes for sixth grade. 

    There are two teachers, Ashlee Fecteau and Brent Stokinger and we both bring our expertise into the classroom. We use Media and Technology to discover our three themes, Gratitude, Community Service and Everyday Heroes.


Board Games Created by Trimester 1 groups

Discover101/BreadofLife Coin Drive Community Project

Trimester one group making Halloween cards for child with cancer


Last Day Quarter 3 Free Rice

Visit from JoEllen Cotrell at Winthrop Food Pantry 3/28/17

92 Moose FM's Cooper Fox came to talk to our class about getting involved in our Community.

Recycling Project

Presenting Bake Sale $ to P.A.L.S. representative


We use the three strike policy for negative behavior


good behavior is always rewarded!


This is a pass/fail class but we do give grades for participation and projects.


Includes - 

active listening and responding appropriately


staying on task

Heroes Project Fall 2016


If you are absent from class, do the responsible thing and 

ask Mrs. Fecteau or Mr. Stokinger what you need to do to make up the class.

The class follows the 5 school core values. Try your best and

you will pass the class.

Ashlee Fecteau                                                                        

Remediation Specialist 

377.2249 ex.4014


Brent Stokinger

Computer Tech

377.2249 ex.4035


Winthrop's Core Values