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  • Upcoming events: 
    • Holiday Vendor/Craft Fair, Saturday, Nov. 18th, 9am-4pm at the school (sponsored by PTO)
    • Parent/teacher conferences, Monday, November 20th
    • FREE CLOTHING in the cafeteria on Monday during parent conferences: 8am to 7:30pm
    • No School for students: Monday, November 20th to Friday, November 24th
  • Cellphone Policy for students: If students bring cell phones to school, the phone needs to be powered off and in their locker or given to a teacher to hold for the day. We encourage personal items to stay at home and if a student does bring something to school, this item needs to stay in their locker, where it may or may not be secure. Lockers are not locked, nor can they be.
Please visit our new Hopes & Dreams page on this website to see student creations!


Letter being sent home September 5th:

Dear Families,

We have had a great first week in 5th grade! We have spent time creating classroom expectations, reviewing what’s expected in other areas of the school like the hallways, bathrooms, and playground, and getting to know one another.


We are very excited to have Northern Lights Rock and Ice coming to spend the day with us September 22nd. We will be working on team building activities as well as giving students the opportunity to climb the portable rock wall. Please fill out the attached pages (there are TWO to sign) so your child can participate.


Also, Ms. Knapp is asking that students bring in pictures and/or stickers to decorate their reader’s notebooks. Please send those in by the end of next week. 


Thank you for your support,

Ms. Knapp, Mrs. Wright, Ms. Colasurdo


Letter mailed home on August 4, 2017:

Dear Families,

We hope you have had a relaxing and restful summer.  We, your 5th grade teachers have been working hard to plan a great year of learning and getting to know each other.

The schedule this year will look like:

7:45-8:00: Students may arrive and do a quiet activity in an assigned classroom or play outside on the playground.

8:00-8:45: This is time for students to eat breakfast, check in with teachers, do a warm-up activity, and attend the Morning Meeting.  

8:50-9:20:  “WIN” Students will be taking part in different activities based on their individual needs and interests.  

9:20-10:35: Block 1 (reading, math, or writing/science)

10:35-11:50:  Block 2 (reading, math, or writing/science)

11:50-12:12: Lunch

12:15-12:40: Recess  

12:45-2:05: Block 3 (reading, math, or writing/science)

2:05-2:50: Unified Arts (UA) Music, Guidance, PE, Art

2:50-3:00: Closing Circle

3:00: Dismissal

The day will begin promptly at 8:00 and end at 3:00. We would like to ask that families respect the time needed to do our best learning and be on time every day!

Mrs. Wright will be teaching math and students will continue to use the Best Practices Habits of Mind and Interaction. 5th grade math has a strong focus on fractions, multi-digit multiplication and division, and volume. Coming to 5th grade with a mastery of basic multiplication and division facts will be very helpful. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family, watching her kids play sports, and playing with her cat, Apollo (who is the brother of Mrs. Knapp’s cat). She is also into health and fitness, reading, technology and drinking coffee.

Mrs. Knapp will be teaching reading and social studies.  You will have reading binders where you will keep notes, and write about what you’re reading.  You will spend your time in her classroom reading individually and in book clubs.  Your goal will be to read uninterrupted for 45 minutes straight by the end of 5th grade. Reading 20-30 minutes a night will be your ONLY homework for 5th grade. One thing you will learn quickly about her is she and her son are huge Boston Bruins hockey fans. If she is not talking about her son, she is talking about her cat Cinnamon (Apollo’s brother) and drinking coffee.

Mrs. Bissonette will teach both science and writing.  The three science units this year will be Earth’s Place in the Universe, Structure and Properties of Matter, and Matter and energy in organisms and ecosystems.  Writing units in fifth grade include Narrative Writing, Informational Writing, and an Opinion/Argumentative essay.  There will be one focus at a time, and writing and science classes will be rotated by half-trimesters. In her free time she likes to hang out with her two children, husband, dog, and likes to do yoga, spend time on the lake, and listen to music (don’t ask her to sing, she’s really a terrible singer).

Ms. V will be joining the fifth grade team this year. Many of you may know her as the ELL teacher from second and third grade.  She is really excited to be working with you all again, and to see how much you have grown up in the past two years.  When she is not at work, Ms. V. enjoys running cooking and working in the garden.  

Mr. Locicero will be joining the 5th grade JFK special education team this year. He is new to the Winooski schools, but he lives in the community and has just bought a home here! Along with teaching academic skills, Mr. Locicero will be supporting our students with social and emotional skills, as well as working with families and the rest of the fifth grade team to support the individual needs of our students. Outside of school, Mr. Locicero loves to ski, cook, and ride bikes.

In fifth grade, students will bring home a reading log weekly, starting our first full week of school.  It is the only homework expected, along with spending time with family and friends and enjoying some unstructured time at home.  

This year you can view regular weekly updates on what is happening in school through our 5th grade website which can be viewed from a link on our school website.  If you are interested in volunteering for our classes we always welcome someone who might plan an activity for recess or to help read with students during their reading classes.  

We have a day of team building activities planned for September 22nd. Northern Lights Rock & Ice will come to the school and bring a rock wall that students will get to climb. In the spring, we will take a field trip to the Northern Lights Rock & Ice facility where students will again get to rock climb as well as do rope courses and a zip line.

If students bring cell phones to school, the phone needs to be powered off and in their locker or given to a teacher to hold for the day. We encourage personal items to stay at home and if a student does bring something to school, this item needs to stay in their locker, where it may or may not be secure. Lockers are not locked, nor can they be.

Costco has graciously donated backpacks again this year for every student. We have purchased all other school supplies, so the only thing you need for the first day of school is a great attitude and a smile.

The best way to reach any of us is through e-mail, write a note to your child’s TA, or call and leave a message.  Please make plans with your child before school so they do not need to use the phones here at school.  We are looking forward to seeing you on the first day of school August 29th!

JFK 5th Grade Team

Sally Bissonette-

Jacie Knapp-

Jenny Wright-

Kristin Van Vossen-

Tony Locicero-



ALL 5th-grade classrooms will be nut safe classrooms:

* Daily snacks cannot contain peanuts, tree nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, etc.) or their oils. Products labeled as “may contain nuts” or “produced in a facility that processes nuts” are not acceptable.
* If you send in food for the class, all foods needs to be in their original containers with the nutrition labels intact. 

Thank you for helping to keep all the students at JFK safe!

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