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  • Upcoming events: 
    • 5th Grade BBQ: Thursday, June 8, evening- 5pm
    • All School Celebration, Friday, June 9
    • Field Trip to Northern Lights, Tuesday, June 13th
    • Last Day of School- Early Dismissal @ 11am, Friday, June 16th
Please complete the JFK Family Survey to give us feedback for next year. Click HERE for the link or have your child ask their TA teacher for a paper copy of the survey.


Letter being sent home 1/25/17:

5th Grade Technology Rules

We have been having some problems with students being on personal technology in the hallways and classrooms, so we are instituting the following rule, which the Middle School already uses:

All non school technology needs to be given to the TA teacher in the morning (8:05).  Students will get their technology back at the end of the day.

If an adult sees the student with personal technology, the student will hand it over to the adult, then retrieve it at the end of the day. If the student refuses to hand over his/her technology, Sara Raabe, Amanda Babcock, or Sarah Murphy will be called to take the technology. If this happens, the parent/guardian will be called to come retrieve the item.

If a student is found with technology out 3 times, the item will be kept by the TA teacher until an adult can come get it.

Thank you for your help and support in this.

5th Grade Team


Starbase Letter being sent home 12/20/16:

Dear families,

Beginning January 4th, all fifth graders will be attending the Starbase program at the VTANG (Vermont Air National Guard) once a week for the entire day. This is a four-week science program with curriculum focusing on physics, aerodynamics, and aeronautics (the science of flight) and model rocketry. This curriculum is administered by the Starbase staff with an overarching focus on cooperative learning.

The schedule is as follows:

Mrs. Wright will take the Red Group: January 4, 9, 18, 31

Mrs. Knapp will take the Blue Group: January 5, 12, 19, 26

Mrs. Bissonette will take the Green Group: January 6, 13, 20, 27

On January 25th the Starbase staff will come to our school where we will launch the rockets the students have constructed. This will take place around 1:00pm. Families are invited to attend!


The 5th grade Team

Letter being sent home 11/10/16:

Dear Families,

Our 5th grade classrooms have been struggling with acting appropriately when there is a guest/substitute teacher.  To  help the students become more successful when we have a guest teacher, we have put together the attached contract.  We have reviewed the contract with the students, and they have signed that they agree with the plan.

We are going to focus on the “A” in our HEART expectations at JFK.

A is APPROPRIATE, which means students will;

*Have safe bodies

*Use kind words

*Be patient with each other

*Have a respectful tone

*Complete work

We are asking for your support in this contract and help remind your children what is expected.  

Thank you,

5th grade Teachers


ALL 5th-grade classrooms will be nut safe classrooms:

* Daily snacks cannot contain peanuts, tree nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, etc.) or their oils. Products labeled as “may contain nuts” or “produced in a facility that processes nuts” are not acceptable.
* If you send in food for the class, all foods needs to be in their original containers with the nutrition labels intact. 

Thank you for helping to keep all the students at JFK safe!


Letter that was mailed home to families before school started:

August 15, 2016

Dear Families,

We hope you’ve enjoyed the wonderful weather this summer and are getting plenty of rest and relaxation before the start of the new school year! We, your 5th grade teachers, have been working together to plan a great year and are eagerly awaiting your arrival.

The 2016/17 school year for 5th graders will have some exciting changes. We will be departmentalizing 5th grade, a common structure used across 5th grades in Vermont. Current research shows this model is very effective for student learning. This also will help prepare them for middle school schedules.

Students will travel between three teachers for Reading/Social Studies, Math, and Writing/Science. Each student will be assigned a homeroom/TA teacher that they will begin their day with, go to Unified Arts with, and have lunch and recess with. This teacher will also be the point of contact for parents.  

Jacie Knapp will be teaching Reading and Social Studies, Jenny Wright will be teaching Math, and Sally Bissonette will be teaching Writing and Science. This will allow each teacher to focus and go more in-depth in that particular area of study as well as differentiate instruction for students. Students will be building communities in all three classes and will get to know all teachers as their own.

Mark your calendars for the OPEN HOUSE Thursday, August 25th. Dinner will be served from 5:30-6:30 and at 6:30 the families will meet their child’s teacher in the classroom. The plan is to have people picnic outside if the weather cooperates. We hope to see you there!

JFK 5th Grade Team

Sally Bissonette-

Jacie Knapp-

Jenny Wright-

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