8th Grade Language Arts Assignments 2016-2017

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May 29-June 2nd

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Tuesday:  First set of speeches.  
Wednesday:  As today is a "short" day, classes will be brief.  8th grade Language Arts (5th and 6th periods) should be either reading a DEAR book or completing their journal entries for DEAR.  Please remind them that DEAR JOURNALS are DUE on FRIDAY!!!  
In addition... today they should complete one journal writing assignment, labeled "Q4J2": --Write a "Top Ten List" for this school year.  It can be your own personal things/exciting events/accomplishments or some general things (things that had an effect on society as a whole... think of slime and fidget spinners?)...or can be a mix of both.  If something is on the top ten list specific to you, please write a sentence or two to clarify it.  Be creative and have fun with this! 
Thursday:  Speech Grading Sheet  5th hour:  Cody S., Cole, Chet, Cali, Griffin, Ben, Zach M., David L., Claire/// 6th hour: Trenten L., Carter, Payton, Abby, Cassie, Zach, Brynn, Dylan

Friday:  5th Hour:  Elaina, Jatayvia, Madi, Angie, Bailee, Matt, Shauntae /// 6th Hour: Bless, Ava, Maddy, David S., Grant, Aaliyah, Max, Julien, Tucker 

May 15-19

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Monday:   Begin speech unit

Videos: What to do and not to do in a speech
The following videos are examples of BAD speeches. As you watch each video, write down all the things you think the speaker needs to improve on.
The following videos are examples of GOOD speeches. As you watch theses videos, write down all the things you think the speaker does well.
  • Good Speech 1
    • If watching at home, start this video at 2:25 and you only need to watch for a few minutes, not the whole thing.
  • Good Speech 2

Tuesday: "1 minute speeches" with groups to practice. 
WednesdayWrite speech- put on note cards
  • Speech can be either one side of your pro/con research paper or your persuasive letter. Either way, the speech must be persuasive
  • Speech requirements

DEAR when finished

**We will begin our NWEA reading test tomorrow

Thursday: NWEA Testing  
Friday: NWEA Testing

May 8-12

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Monday:  Persuasive writing continued... Another Scope Magazine (uploaded below).  Should parents do kids school projects?  For EACH letter, find the following parts of a persuasive essay... Write very clearly on a separate piece of paper...
  •  HOOK
  • Overall opinion (Central Idea)
  • Claim #1
  • Claim #2
  • Counterargument
  • Rebuttal
  • Call to action
Tuesday:  Persuasive Letter  We went over the directions in class.  12 pt font.  Times New Roman or Ariel font.  Double spaced.  Typed.  6 paragraph essay.  40 points.  (5 points per paragraph and 10 points for grammar/mechanics/punctuation/capitalization/proper formatting.)  Name
                    Teacher Name
                    8th Grade Lang Arts/6th hour
                    12 May 2017

Wednesday: 5th hour MCA Testing/6th hour...
Thursday: Work on Letter/ make sure to proofread before you print!
Friday: Persuasive Letter due.  Journal entry. (Q4J#1)... The rest of the time should be spent either DEAR reading or journalling.  

May 1-5

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Monday:  Research Papers Due!  10% deduction per day if late.  DEAR day.  
Tuesday:  Begin persuasive unit! (yay!)  Scope Magazine Article.  Make a T chart and write down the "Pros" and "Cons" of lengthening school days.  Using the notes you took, decide on your viewpoint and state your opinion in one sentence.  Then, using that sentence as your thesis, write a persuasive paragraph about this topic, using the information from the article to support your side.  If you miss school, the article is uploaded below at the very bottom of the page.
How to Write a Persuasive Essay   Also see the SAMPLE essay at the bottom of the page.
Thursday: Disecting a persuasive essay...


    Persuasive writing continued

    Refutation: The counterargument and rebuttal
    Read the two opposing Scope essays on whether or not kids should get paid to do chores. 

    For EACH letter, find the following parts of a persuasive essay:
    • Overall opinion
    • Claim #1
      •    Evidence     
    • Claim #2
      •    Evidence                
    • Claim #3
      •    Evidence
    • Counterargument
    • Rebuttal

    Article "Should Kids Get Paid to Do Chores" is uploaded below (it's 2 pages long).

    April 24-28

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    Monday: Continued work on MLA research papers... Check your 
    Pro#1 (statement of something positive regarding your topic)
    Factual evidence/citation #1
    Factual evidence/citation #2
    Pro #2
    Factual evidence/citation #1
    Factual evidence/citation #2

    Con #1(statement of something negative regarding your topic)
    Factual evidence/Citation #1
    Factual evidence/ citation #2
    Con #2 
    Factual evidence/citation #1
    Factual evidence/citation #2

    If you've got all of this information, and you've started a running works cited page (meaning you've taken all the citation information from all the sources you've found and correctly typed them out using MLA guidelines) then you should start TYPING your paper...you should use YOUR OWN WORDS to introduce the topic and to transition from idea to idea.  You should use YOUR OWN WORDS in between using the factual evidence from someone else (which you will cite properly, and bold their information and the citation) Then you will explain what was just talked about, so the reader has a clearer understanding of the information shared.  Everything you need to know about how to write this paper is linked below...you just need to have a topic, research the topic, find information on both sides, and follow the guidelines I've given you.  Remember, this is due Monday, May 1st, typed, sz 12 font, Times New Roman or Arial font, double spaced.  If you have questions about how to format this paper, please check Purdue Owl MLA formatting and Style guide.  

    Tuesday: Correct/Review  W.o.W. #10 (you've had packet for a couple weeks--2 pts extra credit if you fill it out).   W.o.W. #10 Quiz tomorrow.  
    Wednesday: W.o.W. Quiz #10.  Hand out W.o.W. #11 and discuss words.  

    April 17-21

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    Monday:  Go over research paper directions/expectations
    Review types of evidence
    Tuesday: Sign up for topics
    How to find reliable sources
    Begin Researching

    April 10-14

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    Monday:  MLA Information: Works Cited Page and In-Text Citation  Continued from Friday.  Note-taking and citation of academic journals, newspapers, and websites.  Sticking with the same topic you chose Friday (either Volcanoes or Weather)... Cite a journal, website, and a newspaper.  Citation information at the top of the page.  Two facts from each article underneath (page numbers not needed). FINISH BOOK CITATIONS if you haven't finished three from three different books.  

    Thursday: EARLY RELEASE!
    Friday: NO SCHOOL...Enjoy your break!

    April 3-7

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    Monday:  QUARTER 4!! Final day to prepare for tomorrow's lit circle meeting and/or read for DEAR Q4.  Go over W.o.W. #9 packet answers. 

    Tuesday:  Lit Circle #3 Meeting.  Lit Circle Expectations  Make sure to come prepared with your Summary, Prediction, Questions, Connection, and Unclear Word/Phrase.  If you are unprepared for the meeting, you will forfeit your participation points and will not attend your group meeting.  You will still be expected to turn your work in as well as do this Group Assignment: Theme  on your own.  Peer Grading

    Wednesday: Words on Wednesday #9 QUIZ Correct in class.  Finish peer grading. 

    Thursday:  Housekeeping day--turn back papers, discuss DEAR expectations for 4th Quarter (5 Books for Quarter 4...50 points total.  No more Participation points--Points come off the top of DEAR grade if you are not using your time constructively during DEAR reading/journalling days.)  Pass out/go over Words on Wednesday #10.  We will go over packet next week Monday.  

    FridayBegin Research Unit: MLA citation practice
    Note-taking and citation of books 

    Using all three books from one bin in the classroom:
    • Record works cited information using MLA format a the top of the page
    • Record three facts from each book. Make sure to record the page number from which you retrieved the fact. 

    *SAVE the notes you took today. We will be using them at a later date. 

    **If you were absent today, you will need to come in before or after school, or during homeroom to complete the activity. The books must stay in the classroom.

    March 27-31

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    Monday:  Lit Circle Meeting #2.  Expectations for meetings: What to have prepared  Group homework : Conflict Group Homework (you must do this on your own if you missed the meeting because you were absent or came to class unprepared!)  Peer Grading Example

    Tuesday:  Reading/Catch-Up Day.  This is an exercise in PRIORITIZING YOUR TIME!!--read or journal for DEAR, or read your lit-circle book and work on summary/prediction/open-ended questions/connection/unclear word or phase.  DEAR journals are DUE this THURSDAY.  Your next lit circle meeting is next week TUESDAY, APRIL 4th.   

    Wednesday: Words on Wednesday #10 introduction/activity (5th hour with me, 6th hour with Miss Sterling)

    March 20-24

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    Monday: Happy First Day of Spring!!!  Lit Circle Meeting #1 today! Lit Circle Expectations during Meeting (Second Page)  Group Assignment Mtg. #1: Character & Setting (If you are absent and not present at the meeting, you will be required to do this portion of the assignment on your own and turn it in the day you return!)  EACH LIT CIRCLE MEETING IS WORTH 30 POINTS TOTAL!!

    Tuesday:  Peer Grading Instructions.  Begin reading second section of your Lit Circle Book. 

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