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2016 Semester 1 English Classes
Period 1: 
Basic English 10

This is the 1st term of English 10 and is team-taught with Abby Kauphusman.

  • Essential Course Questions:

    • What is “speech” and why is it an important skill?

    • How do speeches compare to written works?

    • What were the Realist and Naturalist literary periods?

    • Why are these authors/works important to our past and current American culture?

  • Modern American Literature

    • Short Stories including:

      • Jack London’s “To Build a Fire”

      • Ernest Hemingway’s “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber”

    • Novel: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

    • Play: “Our Town” by Thornton Wilder

  • Speeches and Presentations

    • Introducing a Classmate

    • Personal Experience

    • Informative (not research based)

    • Demonstration

  • Writing

    • Organization of Ideas

    • Writing an Effective Thesis

    • Personal Essay (process):

Who has influenced you?

  • Students will be expected to read independently during the course with various check-in assignments.

(click here for the Basic English 10 syllabus)

Period 2: Teen Lit
(Quarter 1 only)

Click here for the Teen Lit Syllabus

4 Books, 4 Concepts, 1 Term

Concepts We Discuss:

  • Identity:

    • What shapes who I am?

  • Relationships:

    • How do relationships affect us?

  • Freedom:

    • What is freedom?

  • Values:

    • What do we value?

During the semester, students are required to read four complete books—your choice, from a wide variety of options—in the genres of fiction (novel) or nonfiction.  

As a class, we will be exploring four essential questions; the books you select will all, in some way, connect with these questions. To introduce these concepts, we will be watching and discussing 4 films.

At the conclusion of the quarter or semester, students are required to select one “creative application” project as their “final exam.”
Periods 4 and 5: English 
This is the 1st term of English 9.
Period 4 is a team-taught class with Jackie Stevens.

  • Short Story Unit

    • Study the elements of literature

    • Analyze texts for theme

    • Comparison textual style

  • Writing: Perfecting the Paragraph

    • Practice different forms

    • Using grammar skills

    • Writing Process

    • Vocabulary Development

  • A Hero’s Journey: The Odyssey

    • Greek Myths and Culture

    • Analysis of a classic epic poem in today’s world

  • Speaking and Presenting

    • Use different technology to present to the class