Spanish Honor Society

General Information: The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (for secondary schools), sponsored by the American Association of Spanish and Portuguese, was formally organized in 1953 as the Spanish National Honor Society, and the name changed in December, 1959. Sponsor is Susan Larsen a member of AATSP.

Purpose: To recognize high achievement in Spanish and Portuguese by students of secondary schools and to promote a continuity of interest in Hispanic Studies.

Qualifications: Must be currently enrolled in Spanish 4 at WSHS with a B grade or higher.

Name of Chapter: Tertulia

Service Projects: 
1) Tutoring students at WSHS in Spanish and German.

2)Teaching students Spanish in Winona's elementary schools.

3)Contacting former language students to see how they have utilized their skills in the world.

4)Promoting language study through displays, signs, sing-a-longs and floats in parades.


Twenty-two Winona Senior High students were inducted into the Tertulia Chapter of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (Spanish Honor Society) during a ceremony held at the high school.


Sommer Thompson, Sayna Parsi, Taylor Pagenkopf, Mallorie Lynn, Oscar Hedin, Sara Krkljes, Anna Velikanova, Mckenzie Feuling, Morgan Reutzel, Megan Meyerhoff, Mason Henke, Tegan Lecheler. Michaela Scharmer, Hanna O’Neill, Eden Simon DeBroux, Hannah Brown, Tristan Niemeyer, Allison Witt, Ashton Hoeppner, Jordan Buerck, John Gilles, Rachael Walters were inducted into the Honor Society by advisor Susan Larsen.


The purpose of the Spanish Honor Society is to promote the Spanish language and culture.  Honor Society members have taught Spanish in Winona elementary schools, provided Spanish tutoring at the high school, raised money to help purchase part of a cow for a third world country and have created events and displays at the high school to promote the Spanish language.  The main purpose is to promote friendship and understanding through the Spanish Language in the Winona community.


To be inducted into the Spanish Honor Society, Winona Senior High students must be enrolled in the 4th level of Spanish or higher, they must have an A-average in all Spanish classes and have an overall B- average at the high school.  


This is the sixth year for the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica at Winona Senior High School. 


New Inductees with current members and advisor in the attached picture:


Front Row: (left to right) Sommer Thompson, Sayna Parsi, Krystin Van Cleave, Hanna O'Neill, Eden Simon DeBroux


Second Row: (left to right) Sundra Menton (Spanish teacher), Michaela Scharmer, Rachael Walters, Hannah Brown, Sara Krkljes, Tegan Lecheler, Ashton Hoeppner, Anna Velikanova, Anne Simon (Spanish teacher)


Third Row:  (left to right)  Paul Sibert, John Gilles, Mason Henke, Allison Witt, Oscar Hedin, Morgan Reutzel, Jordan Buerck, Meg Meyerhoff, Mckenzie Feuling, Taylor Pagenkopf, Katie Konkel and  advisor Susan Larsen


Missing from picture:  Tristan Niemeyer and Benny Christiansen


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