The WCSEC is located in northern Illinois and serves nine participating districts.  We provide special education and professional development services to our members and the greater region. 
F e a t u r e d     H a p p e n i n g

                     Congratulations to our wonderful staff and their years of service:
Misty Chipalla, Social Worker-20 years
Rita Metcalf, Paraprofessional-15 years
Kim Johnson, Paraprofessional-10 years
Leslie Eggers, Speech Therapist-10 years
Jeff Grygiel, Occupational Therapist-10 years
Susan Binger, Custodian-5 years
Helen Dierks, Paraprofessional, 5 years
Toni Bortoli, Nurse-5 years
Lisa Koch, Teacher-5 years
Chris Schwengels, Paraprofessional-5 years

Pecatonica Life Skills Program visits 
a petting zoo and Krape Park in Freeport!

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