Maple Syrup Day

Each Spring the thawing of the earth causes the sap to rise up to the leaves in trees.  The Indians in North America found that the sap in maple trees was quite sweet and figured out many ways to remove the water from the sweet part, leaving maple syrup behind. 

On our farm for nearly a hundred years we have been making maple syrup.  One day each year, usually the second Saturday of April (depending on Easter), our family from all over the world gather back at the Farm for this event.  Our friends come too and it is a day of history past, nature, fun and history future...

2012 Maple Syrup Day

No matter where you travel from.
When you get to the Farm, 
you know your home.

Thanks to all who helped prepare, those who came to share,
those that came to play. 
Because of all of you, it was a wonderful day.
See you next year!