Research Projects/Independent Study

Schedule: Fall 2014, Spring 2015
Course Description:
Projects in the areas of animal behavior & ornithology are encouraged for students who are interested in learning more about biological research.
Credit: 2-4 hrs.

Dr. Ed Mills
209 Bridges Biology Bldg
Wingate University

Kelly Davis, Nicole Barrios, and Dr. Ed Mills at the
Wingate University Undergraduate Research
Symposium, April 2007.

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Research Projects / Independent Study:
  • Changes in egg mass of developing embryos in Chinese Blue-breasted Quail
  • Nest box use by birds in deciduous forests
  • Effects of diet on weight gain in juvenile birds
  • Flocking and alarm calls of juvenile Chinese Blue-breasted Quail
  • Spectral analysis of House Finch songs
  • Vocal responses of Cardinals in mixed species flocks
  • Effects of calcium supplements on eggshell thickness in Chinese Blue-breasted Quail
  • Effects of noise on the communications of birds
  • Developmental changes in calls of Blue-breasted Quail