Biology 330: Marine Biology & Oceanography

Course Schedule:
     Spring 2018; 9:30-10:45 TR
     Helms Forum (DPC)
     Wingate University

Course Description:
Study of the Earth's marine life and ocean ecosystems; ecological relationships among different forms of sea life and their interactions with the physical environment of the world's oceans.
Credit 3 hrs.  Offered alternate Spring semesters.

Introduction to Marine Biology 4th edition, George Karleskint Jr., R.Turner & J. W. Small.  Brooks/Cole – Cengage Learning (2013), ISBN: 9781133364467

    Dr. Ed Mills
    209 Bridges Bldg.

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Course Materials:
        Study Guide Exam I
        Study Guide Exam II
        Study Guide Exam III
        Study Guide Exam IV
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