Biology 300: Ornithology

Course Schedule:
      Spring 2017
      Location: 207 Burris Hall
      Wingate University

 Course Description:
Integrated lecture / laboratory / field study examining the anatomy, physiology, identification, and natural history of birds.  Students are expected to supply their own binoculars. 
Three and one-half hrs per week of lecture/laboratory/field study. 
Prerequisite: any Biology lab course,
consent of instructor.  Credit: 3 hrs.

The Sibley Guide to Bird Life & Behavior, David A. Sibley, Knopf Publ.,
ISBN: 978-1400043866 (flexibind)
ISBN: 0679451234 (hardback)
Either binding is acceptable.

The Sibley Field Guide to the Birds of Eastern North America,  David Sibley
ISBN: 978-0307957917, Knopf Publ., 2nd edition.
Course Materials (Lecture):
Course Syllabus (2017)
Study Guide - Exam I
Study Guide - Exam II
Study Guide - Exam III
Study Guide - Final Exam
Lab Exam III - Bird List

Ornithology Field Trip Itinerary (Optional)
Lake Mattamuskeet, Manteo,
Outer Banks
Jan 27 - 29, 2017.
      Dr. Ed Mills
      209 Bridges Biology Bldg

Favorite Links:
Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

National Audubon Society

National Geographic Society - Birds

Greenpeace USA

Defenders of Wildlife

Bird Sounds

How To Choose Binoculars For Birding:

Tips on how to buy optics on a budget

Caution on the use of bird song playback in nature - David Sibley

Lab Notes:

Lab attendance is mandatory.  Always come prepared with proper equipment (binoculars, field guide, field notebook, no bright clothing colors). Quiet behavior is required and each student will help the instructor scout out birds.  Failure to comply with these rules will result in dismissal from the lab.

All students are required to have binoculars in order to participate in lab. Binoculars must have a least 7x magnification; no requirements for brand or price.

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