Biology 200: Zoology

Course Schedule:
        Spring 2015
        Lecture: Cannon Bldg., Rm 127
        Lab: Bridges Biology Rm 103
        Wingate University

Course Description:
Survey of the biology of the major groups of animals.  Phylogenetic relationship is the basis for the examination of major patterns of structure, physiology, behavior, and natural history.  Some field work. 
3 hrs lecture, 3 hrs lab.  Credit: 4 hrs.

Animal Diversity, Hickman, Roberts, Keen, Larson & Eisenhour 2012, 6th ed., ISBN 9780073028064

A Photographic Atlas for the Zoology Laboratory,
B.J. Adams & J.L. Crawley, (2013), 

 7th edition, ISBN 9781617310607

Dr. Ed Mills
209 Bridges Bldg.

Week Laboratory Materials
26 Jan
Lab Safety, Animal development
02 Feb
Cnidaria, Ctenophora, Porifera
09 Feb
Acoelomates, Pseudocoelomates
16 Feb
Lab Exam I
23 Feb
Mollusca, Annelida
02 Mar
09 Mar
No Lab - Spring Break
16 Mar
23 Mar
 Chordata, Chondrichthyes
30 Mar
 Lab Exam II
06 Apr
 Osteichthyes, Amphibia
13 Apr
20 Apr
 Aves, Mammalia
27 Apr
 Lab Exam III

Course Materials (Lecture):
        Course Syllabus (2015)
        Study Guide - Exam I
        Study Guide - Exam II
        Study Guide - Exam III
        Study Guide - Final Exam

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This general zoology course covers many of the animal groups from Kingdom Animalia, such as: sponges, jellyfish, parasitic worms, octopus, insects, fish, birds, and mammals.  Students learn about animal classification, physiology, and behavior during lecture, and examine specimens in the laboratory.

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