Welcome to the Windward Student iPad support site!

On this site you can find the Responsible Use Policy, an overview of the basic configuration for your iPad, a Getting Started guide, Overviews of the Apps you will use in class, and much more.

If you have questions relating to your iPad configuration or use, please check the FAQ section!  

iOS9 released (9/16/15) see the upgrade notes here!
    Note: Split screen for newer iPads, iMove gets an update, GarageBand upgrades, new Camera features, plus new Siri and notification features.
    Note: 9 released on 9/16/15 - updated to 9.0.1 in late September, 2015.

Technical Notes

  • Technical note 1: Please DO NOT use an AppleID with your iPad other than the one tied to your Windward address.  If you use a second iTunes account you may experience difficulty with critical updates, receiving new apps, correctly backing up your notes and files, restoring your device if it becomes disabled, or tracking it if it is stolen!
  • Technical note 2: If you use a bluetooth keyboard, please be sure to turn off the keyboard every time you put it in your backpack!  If you do not, the keys will be pressed every time your backpack moves, your iPad will register it as an invalid attempt to log in, and your iPad will become disabled.  If your iPad becomes disabled, use these directions to erase and restore it, or bring it to the CTL Office for assistance.  (If you are locked out overnight, please use the web interface for the cloud services to complete your homework.)
  • Technical note 3: Several people have reported issues using their bluetooth keyboard to log in to the wireless. If you experience any problems logging in, please turn off your keyboard while you are trying to enter your wireless login information. (You can turn it back on after you complete the login.)

The iPad supports essential skill areas — complex communication, new media literacy, creativity, and self-directed learning. IPads engender an incredibly immersive and active learning environment and the unprecedented opportunities to develop personalized, student-centered learning. They facilitate the  consumption, curation, and creativity activities — as well as inspire student empowerment.  The iPad provides incredible flexibility to vary classroom learning activities at a moment’s notice. And finally, with iPads students have the world at their fingertips– anywhere they might be.

Increasingly a 21st century education is less about place and more about space. And the iPad has become the leading device in which students can navigate and create exciting new worlds. 

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