1a-Marymount School

Marymount School of New York is a all girls, PreK-12 school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  In the spring of 2010, we introduced the iPad 1 to our students, faculty and administration.  Our use of the iPad has evolved significantly over the past two years.  Through the use of subject specific and pedagogically sound Apps; the use of the iPad as a tool for creativity both in the classroom and beyond the walls of the school; and the integration of Apple TV and the iPad as an interactive tool for learning, the iPad has generated a paradigm shift in education at our school.  The iPad, in conjunction with mobile learning, has "disrupted the classroom," by generating new ways of teaching and learning or by putting a new spin on a tried-and-true educational approach.

Learn more about our use of the iPad at:  iPads @ Marymount

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