This workshop is designed to be a collaborative learning session; structured in a way which complements mobile devices.  We are going to tell you a bit about what we’ve learned, but this is really intended to be a dialogue.
(This style of learning is one of the best opportunities afforded by mobile devices.)
Mobile devices differentiate instruction in physical and virtual classrooms. Specialized apps provide students opportunities to construct, evaluate, and develop ideas in order to master a concept with relative ease. This session examines Mobile Learning Initiatives at four schools across the country to understand the accordance and limitations of using 1-to-1 mobile devices and provides practical advice on starting your own initiative.
The New Media Consortium’s 2011 Horizon K-12 report lists both cloud computing and mobile technology (smart phones and tablets running Chrome, Android and iOS) as “near term horizon” technologies “for teaching, learning, or creative applications in the K-12 environment.” This session illustrates how to create successful cloud-based learning programs and provide attendees with a framework to assess the effective use of mobile devices and harness blended learning environments to improve student retention of knowledge and differentiate learning.