Website Evaluation

Website Evaluation


It's important to remember that anyone can post anything on the web. 

The five steps below will help you quickly discern good websites from bad.

1.  DETERMINE PURPOSE - Is the purpose of the website to sell a product/service or convince the user of a particular opinion?  Is the information site relevant to the topic?

2.  AUTHORITY - What are the author's credentials?  Does he/she have the necessary education or professional experience to be a known or respected source?  Or, is the sponsoring organization qualified in its field?  Can you contact the author through email or other contact information?

3. ACCURACY - Do the links work? Do you find spelling or grammatical errors? - if so, you may want to re-consider the credibility of the website.  Are footnotes or bibliographies provided that support the author's information?  Is the Website designed to be an informational page or a entertainment site?

4. TIMELINESS - Is the site current enough for your research?  Is a copyright or revision date posted?

5. BALANCED TREATMENT - Is the site fair and objective? Is it an advocacy site?  Can you spot the author's point of view?


The above guidelines are derived from the following websites: