Warrior Writing Center

The Warrior Writing Center, located in D217, is a place where students can drop-in during study halls to receive assistance with their writing.   Each block throughout the day is staffed by a teacher who will be able to provide feedback and guidance on writing assignments from any class.  

YouTube Video

Atlantic writer and 2015 MacArthur Genuis Grant recipient Ta-Nehisi Coates 
discusses the creative process and finding breakthroughs in writing.

Resources for Writers

The Owl: Purdue University's Online Writing Lab is a comprehensive site with information on every aspect of writing - grammar, writing process, research and citation, and more!

Guide to Grammar and Writing:  Lessons and quizzes to help improve your knowledge of grammar and writing.

Writing Forward:  A blog and resources courtesy of a professional writer.

Elements of Style:  The quintessential Strunk & White handbook for writers.  A must read!

Easy Bib: Avoid plagiarism with this handy citation generator for those pesky research papers.

500 Narrative and Personal Writing Prompts:  I can't think of anything to write!  Not with this list of ideas from The New York Times.

Seven Deadly Sins of Writing:  A resource on seven critical fixes for writing from Hamilton College.

Peer Tutors 

If you are interested in becoming a tutor and have an available study hall block, please complete this form.  You can also contact Mr. Cunha, English Department Chair at tcunha@windsorct.org if you have any questions.

Warrior Writing Center Peer Tutor Training

Writing Center Peer Tutoring Schedule