Welcome to Poquonock 2016-2017

Dear Parents/Guardian/Community member,
    Welcome to our PE page.  We certainly started the year off running! On November 4th the school participated in a Pumpkin Run for a Fun Friday event. We were joined by Windsor High Schools JV Cheerleaders which helped cheer on our students around a 1/4 mile track lined with pumpkins. A big Thank You goes out everyone who donated pumpkins! A total of 309 pumpkins were donated which gave every single runner an opportunity to pick a pumpkin when they finished!
    Also a big Thank You to RoadID.com! They sponsored our event and donated race numbers to our students as well as 5 gift cards towards the purchase of a RoadID. Check out the website! Its a great alternative to medical bracelets as well as a great piece of mind for anyone who runs or bikes! 
    As we finish up 2016, we are practicing our skills of chasing, fleeing, and dodging. So if your child says "tag! you're it!" be sure to ask if he/she is chasing or fleeing! The new year will take us into jump ropes and hula hoops. So a lot of moving is in our future.
    Be sure to check out the links to healthy alternatives for snack and lunches as well as ideas for indoor play.
Ms. Mikuszewski

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