Welcome to English 11!

Goals and Objectives:

       Understand how the advancements and changes in our society are reflected in the themes, rhetorical style, and subjects of American literary movements.

       Improve student’s ability to create compelling written arguments through the use and citation of strong evidence, counterclaims, and logical organization.

       Improve writing by using a variety of sentence structures, maintaining a formal style, being precise with vocabulary, and demonstrating strong Standard English conventions.

       Participate in a variety of written and oral experiences, including prepared presentations, impromptu speaking, creative writing, informational writing, research writing, and persuasive writing.

       Evaluate literature from both academic and personal perspectives while supporting your criticisms with valid evidence.

       Practice regular revision while writing to develop a consistent method of editing.


Expected Levels of Achievement:

       Clearly express personal ideas and opinions verbally with respect for the audience.

       Write clear, well-organized essays with accurate conventions in a formal style.

       Collaborate in our classroom’s learning community by editing personal work and the work of classmates.

       Utilize active reading note taking method to engage with texts while reading.

       Identify thesis statements and explain what a strong thesis statement must contain as well as its location.

       Recognize and differentiate reliable, academic sources from the less reputable.

       Utilize academic resources to research topics to enhance depth and breadth of understanding.

       Understand fundamentals of literary movements throughout American history.

       Determine the time period in which a literary work is written based on the subject and rhetorical style of the piece.

       Use new vocabulary in oral and written situations.


 Students will be evaluated through:

       Tests and quizzes

       Extended writing assignments: rough draft, editing, and final copy

       In-class assignments

       Independent and group projects

       Class discussions (“fishbowls”)



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