Social Studies

4th Grade

Students in 4th Grade, please join my Google Classroom for our exciting Social Studies activities/lessons! Below is a video on how to join along with my class code! Also, there is a quick refresher on how to log into the TCI Social Studies website! Any questions, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

Mr. P's class code to join is: 3debbg3

Check out the Social Studies Multimedia Page for class resources and/or assignments!

Daily Schedule

Time Class

8:30-9:00am Homeroom

9:00-10:00am Social Studies (Rotation #1)

10:00-10:30am Encore Class (STEAM w/Mr. Pavlosky)

10:30-11:30am Social Studies (Rotation #2)

11:30am-12:30pm Social Studies (Rotation #3)

12:30-12:50pm SEL/Handwriting

12:50-1:20pm Lunch

1:20-1:40pm Recess

1:40-2:40pm Social Studies (Rotation #4)

2:40-3:10pm Homeroom Dismissal